First Ohio State Vs Michigan game what should I expect?

OK I’m not from Ohio (I’m from Georgia) and my BF is taking me to the Ohio State/ Michigan game this Saturday, My BF isn’t from Ohio either so neither one of knows what to expect, I know it’s like a huge rivalry and I heard the crowds can get pretty rowdy, We’ll be cheering for OSU and the game is in Ann Arbor should I be nervous?

The odds are 95-99% that you will not have major problems. Don’t agitate and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be a loose nut. Hang with other Buckeye fans.

The closest I have been to being in a violent crime was on the Michigan campus. Best friend was mugged on the second floor in a dorm hallway in broad daylight while I was downstairs. I have read about various assaults after games, but, did not witness. There is no shortage of thugs there.

UM did dominate before 1919. In the last 90 years, the record is 43-42-5 in UM favor. In the last 8 years UM did win one in 2003. Since OSU won in the PSU stadium, which is the same size as UM, the response about crowd size shaking Pryor is not exactly correct. Bucks beatem down.

final 365 days, Ohio State won. The 365 days in the past besides. This 365 days, sorry yet as much as i do unlike Ohio State, (the college or the state as an entire..), I gotta supply them the nod over Michigan State.

You’ll be fine. Michigan has the nicest fans around. Their very mature. After the lowly app st. game. app st. fans sent letters to the detroit freep press saying how nice the fans were.

Please pick BA, after the game, So other people that search your question will see the right answer.

You’re going to the game? Lucky. Why would you cheer for OSU though? Michigan is clearly superior in every way in history.

You probably shouldn’t be nervous. I hear the fans in Ann Arbor will heckle you, but won’t harass you. Much better than the fans in Columbus who will try and beat you up if you root for Michigan.

the guy above me seems to be jusssst a tad bit biased. im sure, for a fact, you WILL get yelled at, have stuff thrown at you, and harrassed throughout the entire game. i’ve been, it’s nuts.

what to expect would also be a blowout. OSU: 34, MICH: 14.

Michigan will pull the big upset Pryor hasnt been in an 100,000 ppl crowd b4 and he will get rocked
Wolvering are comin out swinging

Mich : 28 Ohio St : 24

Michigan and Ohio State fans hate each other. Personally I would love to go to Ohio and cheer for my Wolverines but some people hate doing it. Expected to be jeered at and heckled because this is the biggest rivalry in college football.

U of M fan

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