Is North Korea really as bad as what the Western media portrays?

Why is it that white people and anti-communists portray North Korea as the evil Korea. Sure, NK may not be a developed country and yes, they may not have skyscrapers and cars but Kim Jong is being treated as a hero in NK. Why do Western media look at NK as the evil Korea?

Kim Jong Il is certainly not treated as a hero in North Korea. He is probably the single most oppressive and cruel leader in the world today. He starves his people and locks up political dissentors in camps where they are worked to death. He is the only person in the country allowed to have a cell phone or access to the internet. People are not allowed to leave the country or even travel around it. If you attempt to escape across the border into South Korea or China, your entire family can be killed for it. That is one way that he controls dissentors and defectors, by making their family fair game in the punishment. He regularly thumbs his nose at the international community, he has repeatedly provoked South Korea with attacks. He also brainwashes his people into thinking that he is a living god.

Watch this Movie, A State of Mind, 2004. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7bncT_f-4E a documentary filmed INSIDE North Korea about citizens and their experience. Its about two children, but shows excellently how the average &quot:middle level/class&quot: North Koreans live, their opinions, beliefs, and thoughts concerning their life.. Its only one family, but its is extremely revealing. For instance, it shows that there is only one radio station, run by the government that is piped continuously into every household, and they cant turn it off… Other facts show the oppression too, yet there is a beauty to the simplicity of their lives, and the certainty of their system.. Family and country mean everything, and despite the control, they seem happy… I am not here to judge… I wish everyone peace… here is a link to the info..

North Korea has a bad government. The civilians are brainwashed. Some see what’s wrong and try to escape or retaliate, but they get killed most of the time.

The media portrays them in a bad light to lay the groundwork for support if war ever occurs.
The media rarely tells the whole story.

Don’t trust the news completely. It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Mao Ze Dong is treated like a hero in China, but he also caused millions of Chinese people to die and my relatives were labeled as &quot:capitalists&quot: and beaten/tortured thanks to him. Sometimes you act like you worship something because you will get killed if you let it be known that you don’t. And not only do you get killed, but so do your relatives–including distant ones you’ve never met.

A lot of people in North Korea don’t have proper health care or nearly enough food, and if you compare North Korea to South Korae you can see huge differences that are the result of government problems. People in North Korea are SHORTER than people in the South even though they were the same at the start of the Korean War, that’s how little nutrients people there have.

YES! And they have a chip on there shoulder for what happen during the war with N. Korea. Not a country you want mad at you. They are one of the only communists countries left in the world so watch out.


Kim Jong a corrupt leader brainwashes the people of Korea. I remember watching a Korean animation and the stuff is pretty screwed up.


They say that it is year 40 over there (when kim jong il first took power), we have to ship them food or the people will starve since all their money goes into developing weapons.

Nothings ever as bad or scary as the media makes it. How else would they get views if they said there’s nothing to be afraid of?

This place is full of retards Like eddie firestone…&quot:He is the only person in the country allowed to have a cell phone or access to the internet&quot:…really?a cellphone?and supposedly all the cellphone network infrastructure must have been built just to serve him right? and by the way if he is the only one allowed to have a cellphone who does he talk to on his phone?putin?

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