Drawing tablet question. Which kind should I get?

I’m thinking of purchasing a tablet: but am clueless as to what kind I should get. This will be my first one… any help will be appreciated!

It all depends on what medium you plan on working in. Charcoal? Pencil? Ink? Pastel?

Personally, I use bristol vellum board for everything. It’s heavy duty and works with most mediums. It has a slight texture to it that makes blending pencil, charcoal and pastel easy, it’s also thick enough for ink to not bleed through. A lot of people I talk to find this paper difficult to work with.

Also, you might want to buy a can or two of spray…workable fixative to protect your unfinished work…and a can of crystal clear for charcoal and pastel. I use Matte Finish for everything, it cuts down on the glare from the darker pencil leads and makes sure to avoid smudging.

I hope this helps. Check out some of my work with bristol vellum board and pencil on my website: http://www.artbywilliambarrett.com

This one had a good review…

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