What does Kobe have to do to surpass MJ?

Now that Kobe has finally matured into a leader that is willing to give up the ball to his teammates just like Jordan, what does he have left to do to surpass MJ as a player?
First off, most people say MJ’s 50+% shooting is the main reason but would Jordan have even attempted the shots that Bryant has? A 3-pointer with a hand in his face? Driving and making a lay-up when an opposing member just clotheslined you (srs)? or a fade-away 3-pt shot, double teamed, 34ft from the basket with 0.8s left on the clock?

Anyway here are my opinions:
1. Win at least 2 more championships, to tie with Jordans 6
= If the Lakers can keep the team they have now, it is definitely possible for Kobe and co. to win a few more titles

2. Win at least 1 more MVP
= Doesn’t seem likely since Lebron only going to keep improving but could happen if the Lakers can get a better team record than the Cavs next year

3. Beat the scoring record that Kareem set
= I remember once that one of the NBA announcers said if Kobe averages 25ppg for the next 7 years than he will overtake the record.

Well, I think those are the main 3- but feel free to add some more

He needs to win 3 more rings

4 more MVP’s
3 more finals MVP

He must stay in his prime for 3 years

and his scoring is great but i think he should increase his amount of assists (Like this finals)

Enter the Top 3 of all time Scoring
THATS IT ( I Think it is really hard to achieve)

Michael at age 28: 5 extra championships coming Kobe at age 28: can no longer even get out of the 1st around of the playoffs Michael did have Scottie, yet Kobe had Shaq. additionally MJ scored like 37 ppg one season, which Kobe has in no way finished. Kobe became into probably inspired by potential of MJ, and extremely probably has copied a number of his strikes. and what’s Kobe’s occupation scoring hassle-free? MJ’s is over 30 a activity, regardless of his 2 seasons with the Wizards whilst he became into previous his top. Michael Jordan replaced basketball. What has Kobe finished? Does whining make him a extra effective participant?

All of you are crazy.

Win at least 1 more MVP to surpass MJ? That means he would still have 3 more than Kobe.

Anyway, Kobe will never be a individual player that Mike was, Mike was just more complete on both ends, but he can become as great as a leader as MJ/Magic/Bird/Russell/Duncan. But he wouldn’t surpass him.

MJ will be MJ. But a Kobe could be a Kobe as well.
Statistically, 2 more rings could get the job done. MVP’s?? Not quite important, MVPs are really to be MVPs if they become champions. That’s my opinion…

To everyone that thinks he needs more rings to be equal with Michael Jordan: If you are going to judge a players talent based on number of rings then I guess Jordan will never be as good as Robert Horry.

Dude MJ is the greatest KB can do stuff to be another great but there is no way someone can ever surpass MJ as the greatest of ll time

hey instead of comparing your boy kobe to jordan how bout give him his own identity, and no he wont because this nba era is super soft where the rules favour the offensive player more

win MVP and another ring next year

win MVP the year after that

than the year after that win another ring

and he can be i the same sentence regarding that

3 more rings
3 more finals mvp
1 more league mvp

Jordan is the best player there ever will be in the nba, i don’t care but no one will be better than him….. maybe lebron? lol

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