The lights in my house dimmed a little and back bright. It happened next door and other house too. What problem could it be?

I checked the Air Conditioner and it can’t be the AC. It does flicker a little. However, the lights dim very little in and out bright several times even when the AC and all the large appliances were off. I then I looked outside next door at their lights and it all did the same too.

What could it be? A bad transformer or power line? Let me know so I can call them to fix it. Thanks. It never happened before.

multiple houses means it was the power company. and they’ve got it under control

&quot:Back bright&quot:? Meaning brighter than before or the same as before? If BRIGHTER and you are not the only house affected, call the power company *NOW*. That symptom is indicative of a failing utility transformer, and if it does fail, you could have serious damage to appliances and other equipment in your house.

Excessive trolling. Your computer had to gulp a lot of extra power to keep up.

It’s called a power surge. They happen all the time.

Power surge simple

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