Spiritually speaking, if Yahoo! Answers had an &quot:atheist&quot: section…?

…would we be on there asking questions like:

Why are Christians and other religious people in the atheist section?

It would…

And probably like &quot:hey, I’m having a Baby BBQ, what side dishes should I serve?&quot: and &quot:The local humane society wont give me any more dogs after 4 dead puppies were found in my back yard, dead from excessive kicking&quot:

You do that and next thing You know all the religious fanatics will be wanting Their own sites. Imagine a Muslim site and a Catholic site and a Episcopalian site and a Jewish site and on and on and on. Remember many of these persons are marginally insane and can go totally weirdo at any moment. Now You want to give these weirdo’s a Soap Box for their rants and other nonsense? Listen to Me Some things are better left alone So don’t start with any more of these questions. UNDERSTAND?????

Why do people ask questions of and about atheists in the &quot:Religion and Spirituallity&quot: section of Yahoo Answers? That’s like asking questions of footballers in the Dancing section. If we did not have our say the theists would declare victory. Mind you, they often ignore our answers and declare victory anyway.

I think it is funny that the same people who always ask why there is not a separate section for atheists are the same people who would be bombarding such a section with Pascal’s Wager and the Watchmaker Argument.


Hey, if there was a Christianity section, we’d have to ask the same thing, because there’d be Atheists crawling all over the place trying to change what we believe.

Haha, I can definitely see that. I would imagine a whole mess of fundies raiding the atheist section in hopes of converting the &quot:sinners&quot:.

Personally, I think the R&amp:S section IS the atheist section.. we just tolerate them more.


you are knot a goddess you are just lyke every one else you are knot like brad pitt so go there ha ha ha he’ll be sure and tell you science is atheist section and less of a mythology than religion is mine wolrd relgion does have flaws And i dont i dont let people like you talk on the internet becuase you cannot leave earth beofre death and think science has the right idea about any answer it seems to give that works science is lyke words so go away this adds nothing to me day!

why think just to save everything in your enviroment for me when all people die and need me to get them back out of their cubbies!

angelica houston eats grapes and thinks alot about thinks i totally undersand no privy thougts section on y! answers,. you know what they say about people who dont know m,ore than is written in the world but get on yahoo answrs or a chat room dont yah! we know how you think!

Of course there would be theists in the atheists section. Some would even proselytize.

They ask why Christians are in the LGBT section all the time if they aren’t gay. So of course.

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