The Crusades: christians vs atheists, Heaven or Hell?

By Christian standards who is more likely to go to Heaven or Hell, Christians who slaughtered the atheists during the crusades thinking they were following God’s word which the church agreed with or the atheists who only died because they don’t believe in God?

Actually during the crusades they were slaughtering other Theists although a few Atheist may have fallen here and there.
Theists are quite apt at killing other theists because they are not the right kind of theist. Atheists just kind of keep to themselves drawing a low profile as they live their life.
If one kills they are not christian. If on judges they are not christian. If they teach hate towards their fellow man they are not christian. Hell will be crowded with those who call themselves christians.
Atheists have better things to do than sit for an eternity in this frail and flawed for in either hell or heaven.
Think about it!

Crusades were from European countries went on Muslims in Jerusalem. Muslims were all ready there.
Crusaders lost it. The Muslim Hero, by the name Salahudin Ayuby, who kicked them out, and that is why it went in history.


How stupid is the person who barters away the Hereafter for the enjoyment of the world?
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “The least punished person of the people of Hell-Fire on the Day of Resurrection will be a man under whose arch of the feet two smouldering embers will be placed, because of which his brain will boil just like Al-Mirjal (copper vessel) or a Qum-qum (narrow-necked vessel) boils with water.” [Sahih Bukhari]

Nobody can bear the least punishment of Hell-Fire. But whoever enters it will have to endure the punishment as there will be no death anymore.

This is what the people of Hell-Fire will say about themselves: “Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we should not (now) be among the Companions of the Blazing Fire!” [Quran 67:10]
36. &quot:Have not the Unbelievers been paid back for what they used to do?&quot:
And they will say: &quot:Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we would not have been among the dwellers of the blazing Fire!&quot: (10)Quran

Hell is such a disgusting concept! Surely if there is a God, you will be judged on the content of your character rather than whether you believed?? Plus these days, many intellectual theologian theists don’t see hell as this firey pit, but instead see it as a place of sheer loneliness from bliss. Times have moved on, unfortuantely some redneck types still get a kick out of certain people burning in hell for eternity which is quite worrying really.

The Crusades were actually Christians v Muslims when King Richard of England Duke of Normandy took an ‘Army of Christ’ East to Jerusalem to recapture it from the Islamic King Saladin in an attempt to gain favour with the Pope who he had offended.

Well, that was the Third Crusade (the most important one), the other 10 are much the same, just different people.

You comprehend of course you’re asking people who don’t suppose in it… No longer relatively any distinctive than asking you which ones variant of Greek mythology afterlife you want. What makes you so definite heaven is the easier alternative? By using what a booklet claims and which part of the proverbial coin you prefer? Perhaps a hell wouldn’t be all it is made out to be and heaven is full of convicts that authorised Jesus. In spite of everything, you most effective ought to suppose and ask forgiveness to get there…Right?

Real Christians did not engage in the Crusades. They are commanded by Jehovah God to love their neighbor.

The people who told the Christians that it was what God wanted. Putting words in Gods mouth, so to speak, to turn people towards murder to achieve your own earthly goals and desires cant be a good thing

You have some seriously corrupt alterations to history. Muslims attacked the Byzantine empire which was allied to the crumbled ruins of the original roman epire. They called for help, we helped them retake their land and didnt proceed into their land. They pushed back however and ended up winning. We are the bad guys in a war that we lost? The Islamic empire should be apologizing to us. This had nothing to even do with religion. If Canada invaded the US and we pushed them back and stopped on our borders, we didnt do anything wrong.

Think about before you were born, what was it like? That may very well be what death is like, just start living your life. Heaven or hell, the entire concept is a bit special!

To hell: Christians who slaughtered fellow Christians, for worshiping Jesus slightly the wrong way.

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