Should the English deoccupy Northern Ireland and return it to the Irish?

Answre from a french man who is married to an irish girl. Locoation not far from the Northern border…
So… Our days, the question is more how British will get rid of northern Ireland. That is a fact, that the brits are not interested anymore in keeping this land. Reason being that this part of united kingdom do not bring them any more in terms of industry. On the other end, it is obvious that Ireland (The republic) might not be that interested in getting this land, which might be very difficult for them in terms of politic to integrate into the political &quot:life&quot: of the republic.
Now, another thing, is that the Republic is doing much better than the UK in terms of Economy, and obviously, now there is an impact on Northern Ireland, where you see lots of northerns going to the republic everyday to work … So as usual, the question is … who will give you more money for a leaving.
The statement that there is this war which USED TO be a religious one, IRA (Catholic) and DUP, UDF (Loyalists), is over for years now, only for extremists…
the solution might be to have Northern Ireland as a proper country… 75pct of the people of northern Ireland are all happy to live together, and they dont care about this pseudo religious war, which is now a non sense… Duke of Orange was in 16.. Boyne Valley etc…
Most of the people in Northern Ireland are great people who are fed up with the politics, and just want to earn money to live in peace in a nice house with their friends.
Paisley, Adams and so on have to retire now.

Hi Abby

Your question is over-simplified and about 10 years out of date.
I believe that who runs countries should be decided by the people who live there – not other countries.

When the Irish Republic was formed, the people in what is now N Ireland did not have a republican majority and did not want to be part of the Republic. You may think that was a wrong decision – it would certainly have made things easier in many ways including for the British if the whole of Ireland had been united – but that was the people’s decision.

The English are not occupying N Ireland. N Ireland is part of the UK and gets support from the rest of the UK. Huge financial support as well as (in the past) military and police from the UK. And huge cost to the people of the six counties from living in a region under siege from terrorists/freedom fighters on both sides.

But now we have a situation where – incredibly to people of my generation – Sinn Fein and the DUP are talking about joint rule, the guns have been put away, the army occupation is over, and the EU means the old border issues are irrelevant.

The history of British involvement in Ireland is a bad one right back to the 16th century. But your question does not recognise the changes that have happened in the last few years. And yes, from my name you’ll have guessed that I’m part Irish.

The English do NOT occupy Northern Ireland, it is part of the UK and has voted to stay in the UK in a referendrum. If it ever votes to rejoin the rest of Ireland in a democratic referendum, then it will be allowed to do so. But is must be the will of the people, whcih is why it isn’t occupied, it is the will of the majority that it remains part of the UK.

You need to take into account the fact that most &quot:native&quot: people in Northern Ireland strongly wish to stay with Great Britain and wish not to be part of the Republic of Ireland.

In the same way that the inhabitants of the Falklands and of Gibraltar passionately wish to remain British, in spite of geographical logic suggesting that rule by physically nearer powers might be a good idea.

Get a life girl. You obviously are well out of date on your history. Do you ever pick up a newspaper or watch the news?

Thats the sort of question I would expect my 8 year old to ask!!


Who knows what would happe? You just can’t tell ahead of time what the consequences of any action will be.

It would be nice to see. However, there would still be the issue of religious conflict.

wish they would,would save England loads of money and our troops would be able to come home

Yes the English try to occupy every living plot of land possible, they are land mongers.

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