world war 3 is upon us. who agrees?

I’m loaded for bear!!

It depends who you ask.В  Arguably, the Cold War was WWIII (the West won… I think) so this would be WW IV.

Gates of Vienna says that the global Islamic war of conquest has been going on non-stop for the last 1300+ years, so this is just another battle in the very first world war:В  WWI.В  You do have to admit, it makes the Hundred Years’ War look short and small by comparison!

Ever since World War 2 ,there has been some skirmish or civil unrest in one part of the world S Korea &amp: N Korea,Israel &amp: Egypt,African Nations,Cuban Civil War,N Viet Nam &amp: S Viet Nam,USSR &amp: Afghanistan,Iraq &amp: Iran,Iraq &amp: US,The day World War 3 begins,everyone will know,because it will involved every nation and sides will be taken on which side each nation will join,the only danger will be is that the losing side will more likely use nuclear weapons out of desperation

I agree with imagineworldwide – nicely said. On that note, I think we’ve been in WWIII for some time now. However, I don’t think the war will be fought in America… Have a nice day! On another note, people have said we’ve been in the end times whenever we’ve been in a war. I’m young – a teenager, so I don’t know how people have reacted in the past. I think we are in the end times, but this may just be another one of those times where we’re wrong, but there’s nothing wrong in preparing.

WW 3 is likely going the way of economic warfare than blazing guns, God, guts and glory ( with a few nuclear missiles ). Super-power nations ( inculding our US of A ) are getting savvy on economic warfare: it’s cleaner, breaks a nation’s budget and overall spirit far more effective than warfare destruction….and can be profitable for the victor.

Nuclear weapons would more likely come into play when the enemy, facing being over-taken, will carry the sore loser &quot: if I lose, so must ALL the world lose&quot: mentality…..seconds before pushing the button.

But I really don’t see things going that way.

Well, in the past two &quot:world wars&quot: the battlefield was the whole world, so it seems you might be a little premature. Over 90% of the world is not fighting.

Sorry, but it has to be a little bigger conflict to qualify for &quot:world war&quot: status.

Personally I think of what is happening with the terrorist towel heads is actually WWIV…

WWIII was the cold war with the US/NATO in a mostly non-violent stand off with the Soviet Union and her client states… That lasted forty plus years…

Personally I think the two world wars (III &amp: IV) overlap since I personally think that the terrorist towel heads started the grab for world wide attention with the Black September attack on the Munich Olympic village that resulted in the MURDER of Israeli athletes in 1972…

Yes: I believe this is it:
The 27 year final War spoken of in scripture!!…
With a final 3.5 year Ultimate battle at the end – basically, the commencement of what will become, &quot:Armageddon&quot:!!

So, you now know approximately how long you have left to prepare yourself for the Lord’s Second Coming, without His having to spel it out for you!
Good thing you know your scriptures … Hey??

&quot:Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life … and they are they which testify of me&quot: [John 5:39]

I agree with you as much as id love to deny it and not think about the poor people out there sleeping on the ground tonight holding onto there guns….its going on and theres nothing we can do about it other then pray it doesnt get any worse….

According to Bill O’Reilly we have been in WW3 since 9/11

no its not, when you have countries like france, germany, russia, china who are in denial, stick their head in the sand and hope nobody attacks them. They know the USA and Britain will save their sorry butts. Its our 2 nations against the bad guys as usual. Lock and load
Lets roll

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