Woo! TC! Finally! + Wrestling Question?

Yay! I finally got my TC Badge!. No applaud needed

BQ – Bourne or Mysterio?

Congrats! I got mine 2 weeks ago and it’s a lot easier to keep it than to get it. I was busy last week and I couldn’t get on much and I only got 88 points but I still kept my TC badge

BQ: Rey Mysterio, I don’t know why but I don’t really like Evan Bourne. Rey is a great wrestler that deserves a world Championship push, especially because of how weak Smackdown’s main event picture is right now. Hopefully he’ll be victorious in his feud with Batista and it will lead him to the World Heavyweight Championship picture

BQ: Mysterio definitely now but Bourne could be the next Mysterio if the WWE would actually use him right and stop making him a stepping stone for other wrestlers. He’s lost the vast majority of his matches since coming to RAW. It’d be SICK to see him go extreme.

A million of congrats, I hope i make it there someday, too!

BQ- Mysterio- for one, he has been wrestling way longer then evan bourne. But don’t get me wrong, Evan is really amazing and i see him as a future IC champion or something, but he is not to the skills of Rey yet. Rey is obviously older, and not as fast as Evan, but rey can still has his share of high flying moves, and he is more experienced, once Evan wins a World Title like Mysterio, then maybe Evan might be better, but right now, Rey Mysterio is better.

I bear in strategies how excited i became into when I have been given my first TC. i’m on my 2d one now. it incredibly is incredibly no longer something significant nonetheless it incredibly is kinda cool to get one. 🙂 WQ – A Ziggler/Bryan feud could be spectacular, lower back! That, or a feud with Cena to assist keep him out of the WWE identify photograph.

BQ: Mysterio. I hate how WWE has totally made Mysterio to look like a total b*tch over the years. His match with Morrison proves that he can STILL bring it. Mysterio all the way.

Hehehe, well done. I got mine back today, yay.

BQ- Evan Bourne.

Yea i got mine to today! good for you i mean us!

BQ-Bourne just becuase of the age but if it was when mysterio was in his prime then yes mysterio but for now evan bourne.

good for you!

BQ: Rey The Mysterio!

omg realy watev,rey mysterio

BQ:EVAN BOORNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Screw all Evan Bourne haters.

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