Why has Obama given NASA 1 Billion dollars before giving out the stimulus money?

And what about the severed heads and dead bodies at the Mexican border. Don’t we have other issues besides going into space?

nasa is a waste of money and should be closed. we cant handle our own planet.

It’s important to give money to NASA because space will be the only place we can go once Earth is completely destroyed.

I say, build the Moon base now.

Finland because Al Gore has an auto factory there and the rest are non white in my opinion based on his churched beliefs.

&quot:Don’t we have other issues besides going into space?&quot:


Within 50 years the world will have to be exploiting other planets for resources. Else Thomas Malthus will be right.

yes like the 30 billion dollars of military aid to ISRAEL

doesnt the US have more pressing issues……

You haven’t been paying on all of your bills. Your credit score is taking a beating and you do not want life to go on for the rest of us.

Do you remember in high school where there was that one really popular kid? That is Obama and he is just helping out his lemings, you know…the important stuff. LOL!!! What a jerk. As if he is concerned about helping anyone but himself and his buddies!!!

I heard because Bush and Cheney want to move there. He’s just being nice,

because Florida voted for him and it’s not nice for presidents to make Florida mad

Well i see where you coming fom he does what he has to do

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