Why do liberals post questions challenging conservatives and then block the strongest answers?

For example,
Is Elitist Democrat a Republican name tag to mask an inferiority complex?

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I posted a sound answer to his tirade and was blocked.

Is this a new tactic for trolls, bait-and-block?

liberals are the self-anointed elitists. their minds are made up, and are not to be confused with facts. when conservatives point out their propensity to repeat the same socio-economic errors over and over, they simply castigate us as troglodytes, and block us out. they are ineducable.

don’t worry, it blocked me also. just as well, it’s questions are just rants anyway and if you don’t agree, you get blocked. why waste the time.

Because liberals use emotion as their tool in debates. Logic and common sense are foreign concepts to them.

They can’t handle actual truths.

I don’t know. But that goes both ways – I have been blocked by conservative posters when I can challenge their theories.

im alib and dont block anyone

all answers show ignorance and smarts

that goes both ways

plenty of conservatives have blocked me

Libs despise freedom of speech and hate anything other than their narrow baseless opinions.

Happens all the time.

Blockers is cowards, no matter what their political persuasion.

They just don’t want to hear the truth, they are in denial still.

Um duh that is what Socialists, Communists, Nazis do. In other words what Liberals do.
Freedom of speech only applies to the speech they agree with.

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