Why do Liberals hate America,Americans and all things American?

It just seem’s only Liberals can define who is a hater.

becasue liberals will never be happy until we live in a communist society

Well not all liberals are haters

but among those who are haters . . .

Well I think some are just communists who are still sobbing into their beers about the break up of the USSR. They know who is responsible for it (USA! USA! USA!) and hate accordingly.

Other hater-liberals seem to be stuck in an adolescent mindset, even if they are in their 50s and 60s, and rebel and hate for the sake of rebelling and hating. They’re too immature to admit that sometimes an authority figure is right, or that another person’s ideas are right.

There comes a time whilst all the trimmings and trimmings, bells and whistles, sparkle and makeup, misdirection and reasonable of hand can now no longer shop a secret. the 1st 2 years of Obama’s administration tore down the facade of Liberalism. Their great Majorities in Congress and administration of the media, allowed them to act uninhibited. They pushed with the aid of law and regulations that did no longer even attempt to conceal their superb targets. They accelerated the attain of government, the potential of government: they disregarded the Constitutionality, as nicely because of the fact the spirit and rule of rules: they have been so dedicated to an all effective and controlling helpful government that they surpassed law no longer desiring to difficulty understanding what became in it, they chosen which rules the DOJ will enforce and which of them it won’t, they punitively sued the citizenry of united states and our representation on the State point on an identical time as negotiating with declared enemies of those united states. They spent plenty that they felt no might desire to place in writing it right into a funds – why difficulty whilst the government is the tip-all and be-all? The Liberals &quot:went all in&quot: and lost. yet now they try to hold directly to their chips and stay interior the interest, and it style of sounds like we merely might enable them to! merely seem on the Debt Ceiling deal/vote for the info of merely what number Liberals stay interior the GOP and want to maintain the Dems interior the interest.

I don’t think that they do, but they certainly do like to be filled with hate at times. They definitely have a concept of black and white in matters—their viewpoint is white and everyone else’s is black with little or no concept of grey in any matters and an extreme tunnel vision. I’ve seen MANY conservatives and moderates change their minds about issues, but never a true liberal. You just can’t debate them. It’s not possible. They can hear, but they don’t listen. Only their own arguments register in their minds. I don’t know why.

In analysis to the question provided, I would define America as a melting-pot of a very wide diversity of both people and ideas. How can representing its entirety in this manner be considered hatred? I support Hillary.

Liberals don’t hate America. I’m a liberal. We just firmly believe in freedom and sometimes Americans try to strip people of the freedom the Constitution promised them.

They are the blind leading the blind. They think they can not only see but see clearly. In their super-idealistic minds they think they are helping us but in reality they are hurting us. These &quot:free thinkers&quot: are really the ones who are bound and have broken moral compasses. If they are successful in their endevours, it won’t be long before we are either a communist country or killed by terrorists.

the oppression and mistreatment of american citizens , is making the citizens restless and angry, with a govt. that is so intollerant and uncaring about it’s citizens, and as soon as i am able i will be leaving this god forsaken place to find a better life in the world !

Don’t forget that they are American to. You’re overgeneralizing.

That is what the communists do, they can define as well but not accept the criticism, so maybe they are really communists.

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