Why do feminists hate Sarah Palin so much?

I mean she is a woman and has achieved so much… she is an example of what women can achieve.

Because old school feminists (the ones that scream you down) are a one issue group.

Abortion. All abortion. Any old time you want it even if it is coming out of your body abortion.

Real world feminists are thinking women who do not fall in lockstep with these old paradigms. We think about whether it makes sense for us, whether it comports with reality and our ethics. We are not militant, one issue, zombies.

Sarah is the antithesis of these throw backs. If she wins, they lose. If she shows that a woman can succeed and still be merciful and not be all about her. they lose their impact.

She has come out and said point blank that her pro life stance is her personal decision and not something she would impose. Same thing with her religion. I feel the smear job old school feminists have done on this successful in her own right new feminist woman is beyond appalling.

It is hard for those older hypocritical women to give up their power. Hence proverbial fistacuffs.

I didn’t know that any feminist disliked her. The last I heard, Hilary Clinton’s major feminist supporter told the media to back off of Sarah Palin. The media was saying that Palin had too much on her plate to do an effective job as VP. That supporter told the press that they were saying that a woman can’t have or do it all. That shut them up quick.

Not only feminists hate her, a majority of women do too. What you feel she can &quot:achieve&quot: is relative. I’m sure she has lot of skeletons in the closet, is probably a perfectionist and poses unrealistic views of what a woman should be. That’s like saying Brad Pitt is the perfect man and that &quot:he is an example of what men can achieve.&quot: Money. Power. The Perfect Wife. Looks. HOW many men do you know are like that? Not many. Just as many women cannot achieve what &quot:APPEARS&quot: to be perfection-supposedly Palin. She might as well be June Cleaver.

Pretty much on her stance on choice and abortion..

Making rape victim pay for their rape kit in order to identify the assultant? it’s hard enough for a woman to admit she was raped, but making her pay for her own kit? even in the case of incest. Even if her daughter gets raped. Also forced to endure 9 months of it too…and be reminded of that horror (it doesn’t sit well with me)

I am not for abortion but women have the right to choose what she does with her body because it’s her body and she’s denying us that right to choose and truthfully, it’s our business, not hers. Which makes me more upset that it comes from a woman too.

Also she doesn’t represent all woman in her ideals about alot of issues, such as environmental, teaching creationism in school, her ideas on guns (she doesn’t speak for most mothers), teen pregnant daughter and lying about it.

I am for woman but i’d rather have a qualified woman to represent me, not just any woman especially not Sarah Palin

No one hates her

How can you hate someone you do not know

Women I know are against her stance on FEW things

1&gt:She is very ANTI- ABORTION…not even for rape or incest !!
2. She believes in abstinence only…no pill
3. She stands beside someone who has voted time and time AGAINST EQUAL WAGE FOR WOMEN
4. She has strange ideas about it being GODS will young men were sent to Iraq..we thought it was Bush’s
5. Being very sarcastic and condescending first day out is not becoming and DOES not show strength but weakness
6.Likes to hunt for sport and has grizzly bear rug draped in her office…..wants polar bears taken off endangered list….just to get her way to drill in one of the last pristine areas left on this earth
7. Went to a church that speaks..of all things&quot: tongues…&quot:
8. Will bring her religion to office instead of keeping church and state separate.Believes in strange things like world is only 6000 years old
and will not co-operate with investigation clear her name

Now just a cheerleader for Mc Cain and her on stage support is becoming embarrassing.he is this he is that he is great he will do this

They meet twice in past now she knows him so well and too quick to become a changed washington reformer…who now has ENTIRE Bush staff as her OWN

She likes to be her own person not run fear like the feminist! She believes in god they dont,she had her children and doesnt murder babies like feminist. She is a perfect american not a traitor like a lot of the marxist followers! We need several million more americans like Sarah Palin god bless that woman!

It’s not bc she’s a woman, but bc she lied about her accomplishments, that’s just pissing people off.. She’s a manipulative person who doesn’t blink..

Because she opted to use being a woman as a means to the end of female leverage. Sarah Palin does not know much about American women.. She using her femininity in the wrong way and many of us women find in appalling to say the least.

I am neither feminist nor American… but I sure hope the Republicans lose.

Many women of all kinda are offended, because she is a token woman feeding anti-progression garbage to get ahead in her old-boys network party. If Obama signed up with the Klan would you wonder what the problem was with that? At least he is clear on his policies, and they are for everyone not a select few.

She’s also pro-life – and thinks if you are raped and get pregnant that you should have to carry the baby full term and give birth to it and raise it or give it up for adoption.

Feminists believe that if it’s their body – that it should be their choice. Sarah Palin doesn’t jive with that at all.

What’d she achieve? She went to 4 colleges for 5 years and then got a journalism degree. Then she was a hockey Mom and the mayor of a town that has less people than some high schools. She bullied her way into being the governor of a state – and has only been doing it for 18 months – and now she is ignoring it to campaign.

I don’t consider myself a feminist – but I don’t think she’s a good example of anything. She can’t even get her priorities straight. Good grief – raise your kids or run the country – but not both. Please.

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