why did adolf hitler want britain in world war 2?

why did hitler want britain in world war 2?

Hitler’s objective all along was to expand in Eastern Europe. The war started when Hitler invaded Poland, and led to him eventually invading Russia.

So Hitler did not want war with Britain. He ended up at war with Britain because the British opposed his expansion in Eastern Europe. Britain declared war on Germany when Germany attacked Poland.

After Britain and France had declared war on Germany, Hitler moved his army to the West and conquered France in 1940. This meant that he was in a position to threaten Britain. In the second half of 1940 Germany bombed Britain, trying to make the British make peace.

At the same time there were also plans for an invasion (Operation Sealion). However, the plan was never very realistic. Hitler had not expected war with Britain and so his army and navy were not really prepared for an invasion of Britain.

At the end of 1940 Hitler began moving his troops to attack Russia, even though he was still at war with Britain. This was a huge mistake. However, it shows what really motivated Hitler: All along he was itching to attack Russia.

He had no intention of fighting Britain in 1939.
He admired the British Empire and had a lot of friends in some parts of the ruling classes in Britain including the Royal Family.
But Britain had a Treaty with Poland and when Hitler invaded that country the British government and the French felt it necessary to declare war on Germany.
The rest is history


If you have a look at WW1, the Kaiser didn’t expect Britain in the war at all. But the Brits didn’t see it that way and got involved, anyway. They didn’t want France falling to the Germans as that would have meant real defence problems for the Brits.

Basically the same thing in WW2. Englands defence revolved around the Channel and sea power. It could not sit by and watch France fall. In both wars, Germany totally misjudged the importance of Britain.

&quot:England, unlike in 1914, will not allow herself to blunder into a war lasting for years…. Such is the fate of rich countries….Not even England has the money nowadays to fight a world war. What should England fight for? You don’t get yourself killed over an ally.&quot:
Adolf Hitler

Hitler’s plan was to make a treaty with Britain so they can invade the communist Russia which Hitler hates a lot. But that didn’t work out, since Britain was in the Anglo-Polish Alliance and France was in the Franco-Polish Alliance with Poland. They had to protect them. So Hitler, invaded Poland which brought the Brits and France into war with Germany.

Hitler wanted France. The English refused to allow that. When Hitler demanded French territories that belonged to the Germans before the Treaty of Versailles, the French refused, so he invaded. Were it not for the English defending the French, and later trying to liberate France, then he wouldn’t have cared about the English, or at least not until he had conquered Russia, which wouldn’t have happened, realistically. However, when a nation launches bombers, deploys a fleet and sends in troops to fight you, you respond hard and swift. Hitler didn’t want to conquer Great Britain, he wanted to wipe it off the map entirely.

He didn’t want Britain in World War II. The British people are of Germanic origin, and according to his belief were part of the Master race. Hitler could not understand why the British people would oppose him. Assuming that the average British citizen shared his worldview was the biggest blunder Hitler made. Thoughout the war he expected the British people to rise up and overthrow their government, and then join him.

He admired the British for many reasons.

He realized that they were a large threat with there Navy, land and air forces opposing them..

He wanted more control over all the countries of Western Europe.

It has been said that when the war started, he regretted being at war with the country he most admired (UK) and at peace through treaty with the country he most despised (USSR).

Because it was the last big country in Europe that wasn’t with him. Also, the control of britain give him a naval base to control europe( west).

Behind all his tough facade, he adored tea &amp: crumpets, the King &amp: Queen monarchy, Triumph motorcycles, palace guard uniforms, and Rolls Royce cars, fish &amp: chips, a good ale, and mince meat pies. He was quite the connossieur of living an elegant yet stylish lifestyle.

He didn’t.

He wanted peace with them, but, short of that, to force them to surrender.

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