Why are gay men attracted to men that are extremely feminine?

I see gay couples, and they are just as feminine as women, wouldn’t gay men may as well just go for women?

Having to negotiate (sex) with a woman is a lot harder.

I agree with most of the ppl here and i think guys who act like woman look stupid and i dont like them either…i act definetely like a man because thats what i am (im 15 ys old) and well everyone has the right to choose whatever they want to be to pursue happiness but the look ******** and i find that unattractive a 100% nice question btw

TROLL….THEN THEY WOULDN’T BE GAY YOU A(S! That’s like asking a woman who likes butch lesbians to date a guy.

I like feminine guys but I can’t date them, I do have a masculine boyfriend and we are so in love—that doesn’t make me any less gay because he’s masculine!

Also my boyfriend or I simply say: Let’s f*#k and we strip, with a woman it’s much harder–I don’t have time for all that. Men are always horny so it’s easier to have sex with guys

SOME gay men are, not all.

They are attracted to MEN because they are gay.
They are attracted to someone feminine, because that si what they like.

You should also ask: Why are straight woman attracted to feminine men. (Many are) OR
Why are straight men attracted to butch woman (Many are).

My friend loves feminine guys. She detests muscle and body hair. She likes them to have long emoish hair and wear eyeliner etc. Should I tell &quot:her&quot: to go find a lesbian girlfriend?


Many, if not most, are not. It’s a stereotype, probably originated simply because all the other gays blend in.

Im not feminine.. and I am not attracted to feminine men..

They prefer mens bums – not women’s

Do you understand now?

Not me, I am somewhat the &quot:masculine&quot: type, and I love masculine guys. So your theory fails… don’t sterotype, troll.

you like who you like and i love tall hairy thick hung top

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