When did Barack Obama declare his candidacy for President of USA?

I am looking for date-month-year when Obama officially declared his candidacy for President of USA.

He didn’t the democrats did. He still hasn’t a clue to whats been happening. They just have him as a figurehead.and are pulling all the strings.

I was online reading the news. As soon as the electoral college reached 270, I turned on TV and listened to McCain and Obama give their speeches. Although I didn’t vote for Obama, I had tears in my eyes during his speech. If he lives up to everything he said in his speech, this country will truly move onto a positive pathway of change. I especially like his &quot:Yes I can&quot: motto. We need someone who can turn this country around, and at least get us on the right path once again.

It was February of 2007. I think McCain declared the same month.

It was February 10, 2007.

It’s amazing that even a simple request for a statement of fact brings out Obama-haters to bash him. It says something about their mindset that they cannot resist answering a request for a fact with an insult.

Feb 10, 2007.

About 2 weeks after he said he didn’t have enough experience to run for President.

Realistically he declared it at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 when he made his speech there. I don’t think anyone really believed his insistence that he wasn’t running for president.

Why don’t you ask Bill Ayers. Oh wait… he may be at Terrorist Anonymous. You know, he’s rehabilitated and needs to keep that up… so you may not reach him.

And people STILL voted for Obama? May God have mercy on us all.

It was the day after he quietly paid his overdue parking tickets from law school.

I think Oprah did it for him back in December of ’06… on her windbag show.

William Ayers knows it was done from his living room!

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