what is the tv/movie character that resembles you the most?

or, what character you wish you would become?
For me, I have more similarity to Dr. Gregory House (House).

I’m always right, never wrong,
have less than 2 friends, good hearted but never show, and..have weak leg . (sometimes I use cane to walk).
So, what’s yours?

i wanna be gary….gary says meowwwwww :p

Daniel Jimi Koduoduo and Prince Charles..

though i’m a girl, i hope i can be L Lawliet in death note..he had the package…i like everything about him…

stylo(although he wore white shirt all the time),cool, intelligent of 8/10, handsome, nerdy, chocolate (sweet things) addict, good at sports (especially tennis), good instinct and whatsoever…

Sawyer from Lost . I really an opportunist person and a con man

probably L, thats why i use this avatar. im not a genius like him nor poor in social activity but i do like something different in my life, always and people used to call me unique for what i have done and in the making…

Dylan Moran’s character &quot:Bernard Black&quot: from Black Books.

We’re both hard drinking, smoking, hateful people with moron friends, are broke, and is pretty much fed up with everyone.

me..hehe..i’d say that it is Bree from desperate housewife..for me perfectionist is very very important..i always wanted people to see me as the most perfect person in this world.. Just like Bree i’ll also do anything to protect my family
that is who i am in the reality world

when The Biggest Loser plays on the tv i think they ALL look like me. no life. no self esteem, no happiness, no everything.

lol i have no money too

dr zivago

sorry dear no time for TV

brad pit wish that he is ginduras

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