What have you had &quot:deleted&quot: from Yahoo answers?

Which answer or question of yours got deleted?

I don’t post many questions, although the tally of answers appears to be growing – and it’s all YOUR fault.

But one of my few questions was deleted, and WHY is truly a conundrum. (OK, class, you can quit laughing now, there are too many syllables in that word for it to mean what you thought ….)

The question was aimed at a tiny number of people in arts and music – I asked whether singer Nicolai Gedda could have been considered a heroic tenor or a lyric baritone. I sing in the same range as he did and was curious how those who care about this entirely obscure and ultimately meaningless distinction made their choices.

It was deleted.

I think 50 Cent paid off the censors.

I got an answer deleted for quoting a &quot:bad&quot: part of the Bible.

Here it is:

&quot:From there on, Elisha went up to Bethel. On his way, some small boys jeered at him. &quot:Go up baldhead,&quot: they shouted, &quot:go up baldhead!&quot: The prophet turned and saw them, and he cursed them in the name of the Lord. The Lord sent two female bears out of the woods and killed forty two of the children to pieces, limb to limb&quot:

the answer
&quot:thats funny&quot:
got deleted from a question that was obviously a joke.

i wish i knew who was so quick with the report button, so i could sic my army of rabbid attack bunny’s on them

I have never had anything deleted.

to many to list—-have to be honest since i have blocked off my q and as the deletions have dropped to zero—-wonder why that is—–smile and enjoy the day

answers deleteted
use spell check

questions deleted
how is everyone?
Thanks to all the intellegent people. How do you deal with ignorance?

NO, I’ve never reported anyone. I especially despise people reporting light hearted humor. It’s not church. Humor soothes the savage beast


All sorts of them… I get 1-2 violation notices a day…

many times i get deleted i feel angry and frustrated

nobody. i wouldn’t ever delete anyone.

lots… mostly threats and rants of ignorance..

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