What can I do to keep my cat from tearing up the furniture?

My cat is always clawing the furniture and tackling my other cat. I try to keep his claws clipped but he bites me when i try. I have also tried soft paws,( they are plastic claws, kinda like a claw glove) and they stay on by a super glue but he chews them off. I hate it when people de-claw cats and don’t want it done to my cat. And he is also an outdoor cat so i really don’t want to de-claw him. If i don’t kind a solution soon i might have to give him away.

Just read some other comments.
A scratching post is a must have, but make sure he can see it, if needs be you could always get abit of catnip to put on it so he is more inclined to use it.
Double sided sticky tape does work as they don’t like getting sticky so this could also work.
I personally spray lemon or orange scented airfreshener on the area that my kitten scratches as she doesn’t like the smell and this works very well.
Both options cheap and effective, but a scratching post is a must have for when he is in the house.
Declawing is considerd inhumane or illegal in most parts of the world, so don’t get this done as he won’t be able to defend him self outside.
I wouldnt recommend caps for the claws as they stop cats from being able to retract them and are constantly walking around with their claws out which could become extremely painful for him.
Hope this helps 🙂

This may sound odd but it works put double sided tape on the places were he scratches our cats hated the stickiness. Also for the claw clipping wrap your cat in a towel or blanket to restrain him.

Buy him a scratching post that will keep his claws short without you having to get bitten, and as for him fighting with your other cat, this is usually to decide dominancy, its normal one has to be in charge it’ll happen a lot.

It’s called a scratching post.

How about using the nail caps they make for cats? You can buy them at pet grooming salons or online. Maybe even at some pet stores? 🙂

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