should I tell the doctor the truth ?

2 days ago while in a disagreement with my mother she hit my eye really hard twice in an attempt to hit my mouth. right now i am in ALOT of pain and anytime i see anything with light it hurts reall bad i cant even look at a really bright peice of paper or my ipod without it hurting.

we are going to the doctors today and when i asked her what i should tell the doctor what happend she said that i should say she ACCIDENTILY hit my eye.

recently she had really been pissing me off as well. she has shown no remorse for her actions and even said that i deserve even more than that but its only because its a vital organ she is taking me to the doctor.

ive threatened to tell the doctor what really happened but i dont want this to be taken further like social services but as she always teaches never lie NOMATTER WHAT!

so what should i do ???? need answers QUIK!

lol by the way i am NOT being abused, yh i get a smack every now and then but NO WAY abuse- honestly 🙂

If this is not a regular thing, then i would just tell the doc it was an accident. But tell your mother that if she ever does it again, you WILL be telling the truth, whether she likes it or not.

Physical violence should never be an option but sometimes we have our bad days and things can get out of hand. I think this is probably a great lesson for you mom and she’ll think twice about raising her hand again. Let her have this one and maybe you can guilt her into buying you something nice 🙂

I would tell your mom how you feel. How you feel that she is not sorry at all and that she is breaking her own rules. Also, tell her how you feel when she said you deserve more and that you are only going because it is a &quot:vital organ&quot: Don’t lose your temper even if she loses hers. I’d say what really happened too, but thats just what I think. I’d tell your mom if she does it again, you will tell.

Good luck and I hope everything is ok.

analyse the situation…

who’s more important to you? your mom or yourself?…
If you show mercy but still ask her to get things fixed… you’d be expecting her to be an honest woman
But if you blurt to the doctor, he will be more helpful in giving you the right solution to the broken eyeball(lol) and social matters get upset.

If I were you, I’d lie to the Doctor saying i was hit accidently but very hard… Thus hurting neither mom, nor my own conscience…. decide for yourself

Well you said it yourself. She meant to slap you across the face and ‘accidentally’ hit you in the eye. So as your mother suggests, tell them she ACCIDENTALLY hit you in the eye!
Then your not lying!
You could always forget going to the Dr’s and where an eye patch forever, so that she feels guilty for the rest of her life????

huniie if that aint abuse than i dont kno what is … you have to tell the truth you cant just keep lying for her everytime… she hit you in the ******* eye…wtf.. you should tell the doctor the truth you need so much better ahe can hurt you again and again if you keep letting here do it….next time she can hit you the wrong way and kill you…hun you need to sing like a bird…dnt be a hit toy…gurl… snitch…contact mii on yahoo if you need to.

i think you should tell the doc the truth. If you were comfortable enough to tell complete stragers about this then you should tell the doc Just explain to him what you said in your question : that you’re not being abused! I believe you and i wrote a report on it (literally)

Yes you should give the truth, and never threaten to call social services, do it immediately and without her knowledge.

yes you should let somebody know if my mom hit me in the eye twice i wouldnt be in the house anymore you really should let someone its not safe to hide

Oh jeez. There’s a difference here between frequency and severity. Your eye is messed up.

That’s abuse.

IDK what you wanna do, if you really are more concerned with your mom’s social well-being than your health ask her to not hurt you in sensitive areas anymore.

bad name for this but still, i’ve got a mum like that and she probly is very sorry and scared that she’ll lose you if you say anything, just chat to her bout it.

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