Pickup truck or trailer hitch?

What’s the best way to move furniture long distance one way? Buy a used pickup truck or bolt a hitch to my car?

Either option, I have a buddy who will either sell me his truck or his trailer.

Moving almost 2000 miles and a U-Haul would be an insane expense. Not much stuff to move either. Desk, matress, and a good load of books.

If you are going the distance you will need the trailer. No telling what kind of weather you could run into..Love honey

Pick up truck. Unless the trailer hitch is a pretty good size.

Since its not 2 much weigh a trailer hitch will be fine

Trailer Hitch.!!!

a trailer hitch would be better for right now but in the long run a pick up would be more practical

Trailer, for enclosed hauling: I have a Pick-up, that’s great for short moving…!!

trailer hitch

I take a Pick-Up Truck its easier and safer



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