OK, in LOST, does anybody else remember this?? And did they ever explain it??

Remember when Kate used to see a black horse on the island?? That was so long ago (Season 2 I guess). Was it ever explained? You think it will be??

All of the things that the people keep seeing on the island from their previous lives are made by the black smoke. It somehow has the ability to reach into peoples minds and look at there memories then it changes shape into the the memory. The horse that kate saw was the black smoke in a differrent form. The creators havent yet explained yet what the black smoke is or how it can do what it does.
Some other examples of the black smoke transforming is when hurley sees his imaginary friend, when echo sees his brother, when micheal the doctor sees his dad, when sayeed and that girl that got shot saw walt in the jungle and again when lach sees Walt after he was shot. Walt is special when it comes to the black smoke, i think he has some sort of ESP power.

Kate saw the horse only one time on the island, in the episode What Kate Did. We also saw it in her flashback, as it caused the accident that helped Kate escape from the law.

I believe the horse is/will be explained by the same phenomenon that allowed Jack to see his father and Mr. Eko to see his brother Yemi on the island. What that explanation is, however, I don’t think has been answered. Has the island &quot:brought&quot: these people and the horse to the island (like Locke’s father was brought somehow), or is it a manifestation of the smoke monster, or is it something else?

the black horse on the island looked like the horse she used to care for back in the real world…. the horse on the island came from a farm with horses and cows that was out in the jungle

the creepy guy with the eyepatch was taking care of the farm on the island, working for the &quot:others&quot: leader, ben

The writers wrote the finale as a narrative not as something to reply to each and each question obtainable. there is often going to be mysteries in real existence and this coach is often going to have those questions that wont be spoke back and that’s purely area of the coach. The writers wont purely inform you each little thing because of the fact they choose you to pass by what the characters are dealing with, they wont understand each little thing and that’s the way it is going. No pandas, polar bears regardless of the shown fact that it became into probable Dharma analyze with electromagnetism, (time return and forth etc). The black smoke in undemanding terms has one million restrict placed on it by potential of his accompanied mom and that became into he couldn’tt kill Jacob that’sts why Ben did the activity for him. additionally his call became into Mr Eko and if he became into your universal characer does not you bear in recommendations his call? The church wasn’t the only mission made, it became into the full actuality, the full flash sideways became into the purgatory made by potential of those on the island (the place i think of each and all of the activities befell) so as that they could meet in the previous they departed to the place ever human beings go as quickly as they die. The island continually choose protecting, human beings like ben and Whitmore might finally have stumbled on the sunshine, yet what i did not did not like it the certainty they didnt say what might happen if the sunshine went out, definite the island became into falling aside yet does that recommend the worldwide is falling aside too or not something?

I remember it,it was her horse from before.It hasn’t been explained yet amongst a million other things.Hope they an tie it all in but after 6 years who’s gonna remember it all anyway haha.I love the show tho ,at least its different.

there have been several animal sightings, they said it was most likely from the darma station that kept all the animals, the one where kate and sawyer were in the cages

Jacob ?

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