non religious argument against gay marriage?

Are there any arguments, with evidence and that are valid, against the marriage of homosexuals? If you have an argument, please provide evidence to make it reasonable.

I am not religious and I don’t have an argument against it…if two homosexuals that are in love and want to spend their life together I think they should be able too…and get &quot:credit&quot: as a husband and wife would as life partners…good luck to them…

The economy. Single people pay the highest taxes per bracket. If people who would ordinarily remain single get married, the tax burden will increase for everyone.

Also, I’ve heard about the strength of our country being benefitted by the traditional family. I don’t know so much about that but it’s something to look into.

I don’t have a problem with it. I feel that if you can find anyone to love, it should not matter. Gay couples should have the same rights as everyone else.

if women are made to be with women and men with men humanity would die out.
1due to inability to have children
2due to disease
and if you look at things with the ultimate simplicity women start where men end where one has nothing the other has something the fit together and are the building blocks for life

Honestly? If two gays want to marry, fine by me.

Whom am I to dictate love between two gay adults? No one, just as I wouldn’t let someone dictate to me who I can love.

There are none, sorry.

P.S. Obviously, if you use the &quot:procreation&quot: argument, then people who are known to be infertile should be prohibited from marrying as well.

And &quot:it’s just plain wrong&quot: is not an argument at all.

everyone has a right to choose and be happy. they can either choose a guy or a girl. i dont get why anyone should have a problem with it if it has nothing to do with them to begin with.

to me, this is really mental issue among the specific group.

if the man feel like being treated like a woman, then he can opt for sex change operation to make him a real her to the best he can. he has a woman in him.

if the man feel like in love with a man, he needs to get rid of the fear of loving a real woman. he kind of lack of father love.or too fearful of a female up bringer..

The human rectum is designed naturally as an exit hole of bodily excretions. It is not designed for entry. These are two permanently fixed medical facts. Thus gay males are performing an act upon the body it was not designed for. Thus it is not natural or right to be gay.

Because two men being together is not natural. Their body parts weren’t made to fit for eachother. Plus, two men can’t have babies together. Also, its just plain yucky!

It’s just not natural!!!
Nature created two opposite genders and that’s how it works.

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