My six week old mixed puppy is very aggressive growling and biting, when he plays or you touch his back.?

Ok so first before i get bombarded with this, I know… now… I got the puppy too young and it shouldn’t have left his mom till he is 8 weeks old, and upon my reading I should take him back to his mom but that’s impossible to do so i have to try to curb this problem on my own. So my new puppy is very aggressive and likes to bite, and he has this really nasty growl when you touch him on his back or kind of shake him. Im not sure of what his home life was like before this i just know he had 8 siblings. I’ve done alot of reading and So this is what I have tried, I have tried telling him NO firmly and looking him in the eyes to let him no im the dominant one. I have turned him on his back and hold him there till he stops growling and struggiling and submits to me, and then turn him over and pet his head and tell him good boy. He seems to respond to this, but He then turns around and starts biting again, i know he is playing and i try to distract him with the toy I got him, and so far hes not aggressive with my kids but he does like to pull on clothing and bite on hands, it seems like so far im the only one he is really being aggressive with basically he only growls at me. Im trying to curb his behavior early… he is so young and my daughter loves him and Id like to make him a great dog. But the growling bothers me and I do not want an aggressive dog when I have small children. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to do? Ive also read about each breed of dog the parents are Boston Terrier and Jack Russel Terrier and it seems that he is taking on more of a JRT trait so what else can I do to possibly get him to stop this aggressive growling. thanks in advance

Here is my best guess he is scared. Don’t reward him for growling by petting him and sweet talking all that does is encourage the behavior and don’t shake him. When my pup was 7 weeks I wrapped her in warm towels and kept her close but not petting her too much. What I did to stop her from biting and chasing me is toss empty water bottles in her general direction, not at her but near her and she would go after them instead of my feet. Puppies love to play chase and wrestle each other and if they don’t have their litter mates they will use you. I am lucky to be in touch with two of my puppy’s siblings and we have weekly play dates that wear all the pups out. lol

And you need lots of different toys. I traded toys my pup doesn’t like with a friend and we were able to save money while discovering what toys our dogs liked best.

If you can find one of his siblings or another pup of similar size and age and setup play dates. This will help them learn limits from each other. But do be careful about exposer to diseases until your pup has had his shots.

First, the aggression you speak of is NOT something that 10 week old pups would have, if, they were stable and if, they were separated early enough from their litter as not to cause these issues. Next, at 10 weeks, they cannot hurt you, even though both breeds were bred for protecting live stock and are very formidable as adults, especially the Kangal part, they are still too young, but, old enough for corrections that leave impressions to last a life time. They both need crates and that is where they eat, ALL the time from now. They live in that crate unless you have a leash and a collar on them and can supervise at all times when loose. The leash can be used to correct effectively, but, the next time they growl, and you need to keep them apart at this stage of life, simply walk up to it, scruff the back of its neck and pick it up off the ground, ALL 4 FEET…bring up up to face level with you, not on your face, and tell it in a low voice to knock the sht off, NOW!!!! Yes, picking it up like that WILL hurt it, as a matter of fact, you should hear it yelp like a btch when you do it, but, it will only need to be done once, if you do it right, and that’s it. There should be NO emotion coming from you while this happens, none, you do it and you put it back down, end of. Try it and see what results you get, I know that it works. Hope I helped.

Why do you shake him he is just a puppy and they love to play as for biting he is cutting teeth also you shouldn’t hold him down on his back to get him to stop biting and growling I have 2 Jack Russell / Min Pins and they are very lovable try using the word no no don’t bite get him more toys to play with

that is actually not true about biting. i got my puppy at 13 weeks and she still bites and does everything a six week old puppy does. just get him lots of chew toys and take him to obedience training when ready. when he starts to get mean put him in a separate room and say no bite.

unfortunately he has missed out on crucial lessons from his mom who should have taught him right from wrong and how hard to bite. this is hard to change without his mom which is why pups should NEVER be separated from littermates or mom BEFORE 8 weeks!

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