My Bernese Mountain Dog is 10 years old and has cancer. Is it best to put him to sleep?

He eats, but only chicken, etc. He doesn’t seem like he is in pain…however he wants to spend every night outside as where before he would always go to bed upstairs with our family. My dad always has to carry him inside, but do you think it is better that he stays outside?

If he doesn’t seem to be in pain, I would just make him comfortable and give him the best possible life. I have a friend who has a golden that’s had cancer for about a year now and he’s still doing good. Fix him a nice place outside and let him come in when he wants.

Having just been thru a similar situation, I have so much sympathy for you. You need to understand that having him euthanized is the best answer for the dog. If he is as sweet and loving as you state, it probably makes him feel terrible after he attacks someone. Are you willing to put others, including your husband in danger in order to keep an animal who is clearly a danger to everyone around him. You are not only putting others at risk, but Mario as well. If he attacks another dog or human he could also be seriously injured. I know it is hard, and I am not sure if or when I will stop feeling guilty. This kind of behavior is like a mental illness. It is not something that you caused, it is biological and there is nothing you could have done to prevent it. But if you do not have him put to sleep, you will have to keep him locked up for the rest of his life. That is not a satisfactory life for him. Be grateful for the time you have had with him, as I am sure he is grateful for the life you have given him. Remember that you will be relieving him of a probably horrible future.

As long as he’s still eating something and doesn’t seem to be in pain,I would wait.Also,if he wants to sleep outside,I would let him unless it very rainy or cold.Sometimes ,when dogs are dying,they do odd things.I had a 110 lb.mixed breed called &quot:Nox&quot: and he developed cancer in between his spine and kidneys.It was inoperable,but I was not ready to let him go.He was put on pain meds,and he seemed to rally for several weeks,but then he got to where he would only eat bread or crackers,and he didn’t want to be around anyone much,he would hide.He started to lose a lot of weight,and he got this look in his eyes,like he was afraid and confused,and I knew he was asking me to help him,so I did.I took my big boy,who had dropped to 69 lb. and had him put to sleep.he just laid there on the table,but just as the shot was taking effect,he let out a little howl.I was holding him the whole time so he wouldn’t be afraid,and I think that howl was his goodbye to me.I am crying now just thinking of it.Nox was just 10 years old,too. It is one of the hardest decisions to make,but you will know by the look in your dogs eyes. It will be the last gift you can give to him.

well i dont see why a dog who has lived 10 years sleeping indoors would want to be outdoors Im not the kind of person who is against outdoor dogs 50% of the time but that situation sounds a little off, he may in his old age be going a little senile it happens i think you should continue to carrie him in he gave you 10 years of a good pet you owe it to him to personalize some pampered treatment, as far as putting him down when the time comes for you to put him down you wont have to ask this question as his owner of 10 years you will be able to tell when its time right now it sounds like everything is ok keep him at the vet if needed but trust me you will know when its time..good luck..

I lost two golden retrievers to cancer……both within less than one year of each other. My experience in this …… they both did odd things when they had the cancer. Some of those things were, suddenly peeing inside when they never ever did that before (a sign something is very wrong), and spending more time outside. They were both house dogs and had a doggie door to go as they pleased outside or inside. Mommy passed away with cancer in her leg, and her son passed with cancer in his neck and he went blind. I put them both on a pain killer (can’t remember the name of the pill), and this pill virtually took any pain away. None. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THE SAME FOR THE PAIN. Of course it is very &quot:unselfish&quot: and it is very &quot:thoughtful&quot: to put your baby down if he is suffering, acting reclusive, not eating, not peeing, not happy. It’s most selfish for those of us to hold on and not let go of an innocent creature that is suffering.

Another thing to remember, most dogs can withstand more pain than what humans can. Keep this in mind as you look at him and decide what to do.

Hugs to him from my golden retriever, Pilot…and me, too! It’s a very hard choice to make, but please don’t let him suffer in any way. And, please do get those pain relieving pills.

When his quality of life is not what you feel it should be is an indication that it may be time to send him to the rainbow bridge. If he is eating, and still able to exercise, walk, eliminate, etc., there is no reason to put him down. However, if he starts to lose weight, stops eating, can’t go to the bathroom, then it might be time to think about putting him to sleep. It’s a hard decision to make but one that you need to make for your dear friend.

i dont know if this has anything to do with going outside but hunting/working dogs that are not kenneled typically go off into the mountains/ forest to die rather than die at the home…… ether way hes lived a LONG life for his breed meaning he was very well cared for….if hes not in pain leave him be….he will tell you if he needs to e put down there will be no question in your mind.

This is a very tough decision you will have to make. I always say when they stop doing the things they used to enjoy (playing ball, eating treats, etc.) it is time. You can also take notice how he is feeling-if he is having more bad days than good.

It sounds like he is getting close to his time. I’m sure your Vet will tell your dad the signs to look for when it is time to let him go. Dogs don’t express pain like people do, so you may not know what he is really feeling. I’m sorry to hear that he is not well. 🙁

if it is safe for him outside, he won’t get run over, it is fenced, then let him be where he wants. make sure he’s on heartworm preventative and has flea medication on him. don’t put him to sleep until it’s at the point where you HAVE to. he’s just an old dog.

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