landlord tenant-Legal advice needed?

I live in Cleveland, Ohio. My husband and I currently live with his parents who are currently out of state, because his step father(head of house) is a truck driver. We recently went to court and agreed to move out by 4/15/2012. On the agreement paper said to on or after 4/16/2012. We had tried to contact the property manager, to try to get an extension, becuase we have 3 kids(3yr old, 2 yr old, and 3 months) and a 1 year old pit bull puppy (who is a big baby and not an aggressive dog), but many places here restricts her breed, but he is not answering his phone nor returning my husbands call. My husband keeps calling him but still no response. What we have is an agreement not an eviction. come to find out they put an eviction on my husbands record when we looked up the case via internet/public access. We have copies of rent reciepts from our step fathers account. but all we need is an extension to move later in the month hopefully. What do we do?

So you expect more time for free? Offer them some money.

FIRST OFF = get the pitbull out of the house!! I have 3 separate friends who had 3 separate pit bulls all these pits were the SWEETEST, NICEST dogs you have ever met in your whole life. &quot:oh, is’t so unfair that the pits get such a bad rap&quot:.
– about 3 years ago friend number 1 – comes home to her apartment in NYC and guess what, the pit who is the sweetest, nicest dog you have ever met = had mawled the other dog to death.
– about 18 months ago, friend number 2 – comes home ot her house in Los Angeles. what does she find, you got it. Her pit who is the sweetes dog you have ever met (oh why do they get such a bad rap) found her other dog BARELY alive from a mawling from the pit… he died a few days later from the injuries.
– last week, friend #3 comes home from work = the police are outside her house, because the neighbors called the cops after horrific sounds had been coming from their house = guess what, the pit mawled the other dog to death. It was dragged all over the house. They actually had to move out and call a restoration company to clean the disaster.

ONE of these families had an 18 month old = what if the &quot:sweetest, nicest dog you ever met&quot: went after the baby!!!
– not all dogs are nice. many dogs fight with other family dogs, but I have NEVER heard of coming home to find a dog had mawled the other family dog, except in the case of pits. I personally know these 3 people. They are not the random strangers who you hear about on the news. These are professionals – they work in TV and the apparel world. One is a lawyer. They do not train their dog to be agressive.
= I 100% BELIEVE that pits are the nicest, sweetest, dogs in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD, until they aren’t.

So give your dog away and then find a place to live in the next week. You had an agreement.
If you don’t want to have to move when you don’t want to, buy a house.

Why on earth do you think these people would grant you any extension. They want you out and they have made a formal agreement to that effect.
There was a recent case in England where a pit bull killed a 4- year old boy by knocking him down and biting him over all his body until he suffered heart failure.
Even when the dog’s owner was standing in court in front of the grieving weeping parents, she was still claiming her dog is &quot:just a big baby&quot:. Exactly how insane are pit bull owners. So many cases of pit bulls attacking children and causing serious injury or worse and these people still claim their dogs are harmless.

You move. Not his fault you can’t find a place.

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