Is it possible to be addicted to meat?

I grew up in the country, my mum had a small number of animals and we always reared our own meat so I’ve grown up being a meat-eater.

Two years ago I met my current girlfriend, her whole family are vegetarians and have been for most of their lives, I now live with them. I still eat meat, they aren’t bothered at all that I do, and they even buy and cook meat for me regularly.

But I feel like I am always craving meat, whenever I have any meal at home or a takeaway it always has to have as many different types of meat as possible in it, and if I’m just eating a snack for example beef jerky, one pack is never enough and I always have to go back to the shop for more.

I have heard of there being some health risks linked with eating large amounts of meat, particularly beef, but I just can’t help myself, once I’ve had some I always want more.

I’m generally healthy, I hardly ever get ill, maybe once or twice a year if that, I would consider myself to be slightly overweight but not fat and I keep active most days.

Do I have a problem? Are there other people in the same situation out there? Should I see someone about it?

We were born as carnivores, so it is natural to have a liking for meat. Meat also contains many nutrients which is either impossible or hard to acquire in plant matter: we may be omnivores (ahaha, contradicted myself), but we are more closer to predators than prey.

I’m going to receive a lot of thumbs down for this, but there’s a lot of bullship going around that meat is bad this and eating it will raise cholesterol levels, make you fat, blah blah blah. Meat, as long as its clean (and organic’s the best, but expensive) is good for consumption. Cholesterol levels are only a concern if you have high levels of LDL or VLDL, which means something is going wrong. But if you have high levels of HDL, it’s a good sign, as HDL helps to remove the bad stuff (and some doctors are so lazy, they just categorise all cholesterol into one). Meat actually helps to low, though most (if not all) sources say otherwise. My family did a test and our ‘bad’ cholesterol levels actually dropped when we switched from a vegetarian diet into a meat &amp: some veges one, and below’s a link to a vegetarian forum where a guy has lower cholesterol due to meat consumption.

In terms of fatness, eating fat won’t make you fat. Eating sugar will, as your fat reserves consist of stored energy. Once you have too much glucose in your system than your body needs/can handle, it is converted into fat. That’s why sugar-munching kids are so overweight these days, and Medieval Kings known to like their cakes are referred to as being a bit chubby, if not just fat.
Fat itself is not unhealthy. Feel free to make up your own mind on this saturated fat debate, but people before have been eating saturated fat for a while without cancer (fat, meat, butter), and the French are perfect examples of this, their food is loaded with butter and dairy, yet they are not pronounced as the people with the shortest lifespan are they?

&quot:Sorry to say, what I learned in life is that sinful, selfish people like meat.&quot:
Then are all carnivorous animals sinful, selfish beasts? I’m pretty sure there are plenty of Christians or people of any religion who consume meat and still manage to be decent members of society. Don’t judge without some convincing evidence.

actually i have this problem (i”m very skinny) i see how this may be a health risk but i wouldn’t worry about it TOO much. yo should try going one week without any meat whatsoever. Eat vegetables. I don’t think you should eat too many fruits in that time as it may substitute for meat. If you find yourself going a little crazy, don’t stress yourself out. Try not buying ANY meat or ask someone like your girlfriend to hide it all. If you seriously cant take it there may be a problem. if there is try &quot:sneaking&quot: some veggies on your plate. add a little bit to your meat and add more and more as days pass. you can either eat less meat and add more veggies or you can stop adding when you eat as much veggies as you do meat. also, try eating fake meat as a substitute when you get a craving.

Sorry to say, what I learned in life is that sinful, selfish people like meat. Please leave your girlfriend, because you may make her eat meat or her children. If you want to stop, you have to make loads of austerity and take bath in the Ganges to purify yourself, so the desire for meat will disappear.

Don’t worry god will show the way to get rid of this problem. One of the most helpful way to solve the problems like drug addict, non vegetarian, smoking is spirituality. Thankyou.

I’m addicted to tube steak.

addiction , no , carnevoir yes , always keep that meat up mate , just ram in as many vedges as you can too , i lllllovve my meat espceially steak , just dont class hamburgers or sausages as meat there full of crap ,


check it out and subcribe thanks heaps bro

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