In Your Opinion, Should Gay Marriage be Mandated To all States, Or should It be Left to each Individual State?

There are many questions in our Society over the acceptance of Gay Marriage, Advocates of Legalization of it, claim that their Rights to Marriage is Constitutionally assured due to the Right to Equality under the Law, which claims that since Government recognizes Marriages for Heterosexuals, Government is Legally Obligated to equally recognize Marriages for Homosexuals. And Constitutionally speaking, their correct.

However the True area of Social and Legal divide is whether or not Government should mandate that all States Legalize Gay marriage, Or should the issue be left up to the Legislatures of each individual State. Personally I believe that this revolves around the Constitutionality of Mandated Liberty. Mandated Liberty Is an Oxymoron, Liberty that Mandated isn’t really Liberty, but rather Oppression, It simply means that either the Minority is forcibly imposing their beliefs on the Majority, or the Majority is forcibly imposing their beliefs on the Minority. Insuring the freedom of the Minority by violating the freedoms of others, is hypocritical and unconstitutional.

In this way, Since Government is legally obligated to treat Laws with equality, they can’t forcible mandate everyone to accept Legalized Gay marriage in their States, unless each individual state votes to allow legalize it. In this way, The oppression that results via Mandated Liberty is minimized, and the voices of the people are paramount. This allows certain States to support Legalized Gay marriage, while others can Ban it. In this way, everyone is capable of choosing to live in areas that either support or don’t support gay marriage. So that if anyone takes up issue with the Legalization/Banning of Gay marriage in their State, they simply have to exercise their Right to Move to a more suitable Location.

I’m against same-sex marriage but this is a State issue. 10th amendment, 10th amendment.

I personally believe that homosexual couples should be allocated all the benefits and legal goodies that married couples enjoy. Just don’t call it marriage.

But I’m not going to dictate how another state should be run. Each state should be competing for your residence.

Government manufactured rights are not &quot:rights&quot:.

Really in any case where gay marriage is illegal it is one in which the majority is forcibly imposing their beliefs on the minority. If you want to argue the contrary then you pretty much also have to argue that it would have been better to wait for the state legislatures to end segregation.

And even if marriage is defined as a privilege, it’s not constitutional to make that privilege gender-specific.

I don’t think you should be allowed to vote someone else’s rights away just because they are a minority. If you don’t want a gay marriage, don’t have one. Simple as that.
Why are Cons so desperate to deny people equal rights under the law? Marriage has always been a civil issue, not a religious one. Marriage between gays has been happening since long before Jesus’ time.

State issue

Well yes – obviously. It’s for the greater freedom of a very important part of our population.

And yes – government can and will mandate gay marriage in every state one day.

Each individual state obviously. We have something called the constitution. Even though the federal government has crapped all over it, might as well try respecting it on some issues.

Never knew the gubbemint to force states to convey privileges on anybody…. Marriage aint no right.

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