Im kind of nervous we’re getting a 2 year old dog tomorrow?

I know it can be done but he does need some training im adopting him from the humane society and he did seem a bit hyper ( hopefully the walks im going to take him on everyday will help) and timid at the same time, he cowers when you go to pet him, he’s not housebroken (im going to do my best to get it done) is it true some dogs that have already developed bad behaviors will always keep them? I just want a loveable dog ( i know all have some problems) I just kind of want reasurance that I WILL be able to train him to be a patient little dog. he’s part dachshund mixed with spitz. My plan of attack is just walks everyday, good quality food, lots of love, and tuff love training. thanks for the advice!

Your life may be a little crazy for awhile, but I promise you, you will be able to train this dog! Pick up some books on training and enroll yourself in obedience classes. Dogs in shelters become very hyper because they are in a cage all day and have no way to vent their energy. It should be a little faster than training a puppy, but make sure you pick up 3 key products. Chewing deterrent, pet stain and odor remover (both available at any pet store) and lots of paper Towel! Best of luck to you. It will take time to train your new family member, but once he settles down into his new home and learns the rules, I’m sure you will be very happy. Please be patient. 🙂

Most of the time this behavior is very hard to &quot:cure&quot:. In most cases its just a different way of handling the situation. Dogs dont usually pee when they are intimidated or nervous. Most dogs, cower, shake, run away, or hide. However I have seen cases of dogs peeing when nervous our scared but it was because they were approached and cornered by a person. They pee when they are overly excited and/or a submissive pee. Usually a dog will see their owner or someone they know and like and get excited and immediately come over and see them. If the person they are seeing gets them more excited (i.e. high voices, high energy, petting etc.) this over-excites the mind and with-in a touch (and sometimes a look) the dog pees. Most of the time its just a little bit. The best way to correct this problem is not to pay attention to the dog when you first see her. Give it about 15-30 seconds before noticing her or even petting her. Its hard to do! But if you start getting into this routine the dog wont over-excite. Which is good for the poochie and your carpet.

Thank you for adopting! You can absolutely train your dog! I would highly recommend watching the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. His techniques have worked wonders for my rescue dog, who is also a small breed, a chihuahua! You seem very devoted and I really like how you are already planning on taking him on walks everyday! Dogs definitely need a job to do and that qualifies as a job! Enjoy your new dog and I am sure you will do great!!! 🙂

The first day you should let him relax and get used to your house. The Second you should try naming the dog if it doesn’t have a name,3ed day you should see if you tears things up and look at what he likes to tear up then keep things like that in a safe place.

Why are you nervous?
Sure, your life might go a little bit overboard for a little while, but it will soon settle in.
A dog is a companion for life! You better be happy about it! Hope this helped 🙂

At two yrs, this is a very young dog. He should be easily trainable. We do it all the time in rescue work. Almost none of the dogs we got had any training.

Keep at it, you’ll be fine.

Why are you nervous a dog is a beautiful little pow that when u r sad they r always there for u
Good Companions
I have two dogs I love them

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