i WOULD like to know why c is wrong?

“The expansive future is our arena, and for our history. We are entering on its untrodden space, with the truths of God in our minds, beneficent objects in our hearts, and with a clear conscience unsullied by the past. We are the nation of human progress.”
The subject of the above quote is: 

The right of Americans to extend their control over the continental U.S.

The moral justification for segregating the races after the abolition of slavery.

Native Americans’ right to retain control over their ancestral lands in the West.~

Why European nations’ would never be able to regain control of North America.

It sounds like A. to me. The quotation focuses on &quot:the expansive future&quot:.

I think C. is incorrect because the speaker:
1a) Doesn’t sound burdened
1b) Which leads me to believe he or she is not speaking from a Native American POV.
2) Focuses on the future, not the past.

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