I need me some sweet revenge, Answers?

Okay, so. I really don’t need smartass losers on here giving me crap and all that stuff. So, I need like, real. Good. Answers. My boyfriend replied to my texts, like 5 hours late. Saying he forgot about me cause he was playing Cod. Now, I need some good ol’ sweet revenge.. 🙂 Any ideas?

dont reply to him for 5 hrs

What, you mean the reply time to a text is not 24 hours? I’d give him an award for being 19 hours early.

I’m being facetious, but if you are looking for revenge, give him sarcastic reward. Go find a trophy in the second hand store for $1, and relabel it &quot:slowest text response&quot:.

Bang his best friends

Stop texting him so much.

He’ll just hate it.

Shave your head,that’ll teach the b*tch

blue balls

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