How is America going to survive if the gas prices continue to rise, food prices continue to rise, and?

unemployment continues to rise. I’ve been taking steps to prepare myself for this possible crash, but I’m not sure if any of us will be ready. Thoughts.

America will not be able to survive as we know it. The crushing national debt is the big problem, and this will be the one biggest cause of the collapse. Rising gas prices, food prices, and unemployment are all symptoms of the major problem. When the government collapses, the dollar will become worthless, so one of the best things you can do is to shift your savings into physical ownership of gold and silver. These are commodities the government simply cannot print, and so will retain their value as the dollar is hyperinflated in worthlessness.

prices go up
that’s the American (Capitalist) Way

when I started driving gas was less than $ 1.25 per gallon.

I remember being able to buy a candy bar for 0.15 cents when I was a kid

as for unemployment – check out the unemployment during the Great Depression
(we survived that okay)

Invest in sustainable energy. Educate us to compete globally. Eat local food. Grow your own. Tax the rich.

We have the ability, technology,resources and manpower to overcome all those obstacles. We just have to get the feds out of the way.

The government will crash and we will go into a sort of apocalypse where people steal.everything from others to.survive the night. I would.stock up now, if I where you…

as we (I) speak,write,matthews on bsnbc is yakkin about newt gingrich as a candidate for prez,,,
were bush the president right now,with 9%,,, jobless rate,the mideast approaching shamble,14,000,000,000,000 dollars in deficits,the chinese ramping up arms acquisition,their economy
a steam cooker,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
we’d damnwell have the dem magpies sqwawkin fer congressional hearings

the schmedia aint journalists,they are obama/dem party adminstration chuhuahuas

none of us are really ready when the bubble will burst
it will be very ugly for a while but we will get through it

One day at a time i guess.

hmm interesting, i think the future of the USA is in this video here

We’ll descend into chaos

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