How can atheists doubt that there’s something greater out there(long read-serious answers plz)?

Look up at the sky on a clear night one time… there are millions.. countless number of stars and lights above you- entire worlds and galaxies that dwarf anything you’ve ever known. We are floating on a rock in space.

It’s unbelievable.. it’s mind blowing really how small we are. Just think of all the unimaginable occurrences happening around you every second and every day- both gargantuan and miniscule to our senses.. We live in an existence where anything can happen and anything is possible, yet there are rules.

Every occurrence, every action and re-action is bound by rules- physical, metaphysical and otherwise. Everything can be mapped out mathematically- from an object falling, an object traveling and even physical occurences that we haven’t even discovered yet. A falling object on this planets accelerates exactly 9.8 miles per second- NO MATTER WHAT. How can something like that even be possible without a creator? A being grander and more intelligent than us that meticulously and perfectly mapping out and designing everything mathematical law in our lives.

And how can you explain how we came to be? How the universe came to be? If you can go back in time far enough.. can you reach a point where there was a beginning in time? And if that was in any way possible, what was there BEFORE the beginning? And how can something come from nothing?

Now i’m not saying God is the answer to everything, or that I even have the smallest understanding of what and who God is..

but this world is a lot more magical and alive than the black and white world many atheists make it out to be.. that’s all I’m saying..and if they open up their cynical cold hearts and minds for just a moment, maybe they can find some hope in the meaningless existence they cling to and condescend toward to those who believe in something more.

Thanks for reading my ramblings if you got this far lol. And no i’m not high..

Faith is beyond reason. Logical arguments in the realm of faith are therefore pointless, because they are never enough to prove anything either way. If you have faith in the existence of a higher being, good for you. It’s probably nicer to live feeling you’re not alone and with the sense that your life has some wonderful meaning.
Still the fact remains that we can’t know for sure if there is a god until we die. In the meantime we are together on this earth and should try to get along, respect and help each other. And have some fun, if possible.
Or, as Jim Morrison said,
&quot:I tell you this, man, I tell you this: I don’t know what’s gonna happen , man, but I wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.&quot:

What if the universe is a circle??? Does a circle have a beginning??? Where does &quot:pie&quot: end??? An infinite loop??? I’m not saying that it is, I’m just saying that it could be. It’s certainly, just as plausible as the linear, &quot:beginning to end&quot: universe that you’re suggesting. The universe has no end, but it’s also expanding???? And it’s accelerating??? How can all of those things be ??? And it all boils down to a few simple rules like mass and energy??? We don’t have a full understanding of physics to understand all of these things…

Why does there HAVE to be a creator in the equation??? Life sure is complex, but it’s certainly not perfect. The whole point of having &quot:cynical cold hearts&quot:, is that then you make rational decisions when it comes to things like biology, physics and medicine. In other words… day dreaming about &quot:why&quot: is all well and good, but cold hard data brought people things like penicillin, vaccines, surgery, the combustion engine, nuclear power, etc…

Also, how does &quot:god&quot: fit into the equation??? Teaching things like &quot:intelligent design&quot: in a science classroom… How exactly do you measure &quot:god&quot:??? What instruments would you use?? Would the data be qualitative or quantitative??? Statistically significant??? All of those perimeters are relevant when talking about the scientific method. Just because we don’t know EXACTLY how life started, means there must have been a creator??? Really??? That discussion belongs in a philosophy class, not a science class.

Physical laws don’t necessarily point towards a creator. What if they just are?? What if they always were???? Where does infinity end???

Seriously? I am a free thinker who entertains all possibilities… The problem is that once I understood that god was a myth, I have never had reason to doubt that there is no god or other mythical beings. The difference between most theists and atheists is that atheists do not have ‘faith’ that there are no gods or that god is a myth. It is not merely a belief. Atheism is a conclusion. A statement of knowledge. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, people use the word faith when they substitute emotion and supposition for fact and evidence. People do not have ‘faith’ that two and two are four or that the earth is round. We KNOW these things as fact, thus we do not doubt them. If you show me that two and two are not four or show me evidence that the earth is flat, then my knowledge changes with the facts. The same is true of god. There is no evidence that supports a conclusion that god is real and in fact all evidence points to the conclusion that god is a man made mythical work of fiction. So, until facts point me towards a different conclusion there are no doubts. In short, faith is easily doubted but knowledge is not. Theism is based on faith, atheism is based on knowledge. ~~

Yes I look at the clear night sky a lot, and yes, I find it amazing, but I do not associate that it has to be connected to ‘god’. If you are going to use that like &quot:It’s so complex that it must have a creator&quot: then well what about your creator? He is even more complex? what was his creator?

&quot:A falling object on this planets accelerates exactly 9.8 miles per second- NO MATTER WHAT. How can something like that even be possible without a creator?&quot: &lt:&lt:&lt: It’s called gravity, I suggest you learn about it.

We never said that science could tell us everything, it never can, yet look at all the improvements of the last few centuries, for example before humans said it was impossible to fly, no look.

&quot:And how can something come from nothing?&quot: that is a common mistake that people who never really learned about the big bang think. It is a very complex thing to understand, trust me I know, but yet there is still substantially more evidence for it then any god.

Actually, I don’t view life as &quot:Black &amp: White&quot: I view life as precious and something to love. Once It’s over, you can’t go back, and you need to live every second of it to the fullest of your abilities.

&quot:and if they open up their cynical cold hearts and minds for just a moment&quot: You have got to be kidding me, and you said serious answers, what a load of bull. I am not cynical or a cold hearted person, as you call me, ask anyone that knows me. I respect every one, no matter what their belief. I do not however do not respect religion, for various reasons. I have found meaning, not a meaning to life, but a meaning to my life. Live it for what you’ve got, life is great, don’t waste it.

Can I just chime in here? It’s about your falling object statement. It’s incomplete. If you are going to use physics as an example, you should at least be right. How fast is an object accelerating at terminal velocity?

Oh yeah, looking up at the stars makes me feel like I have won some super cosmic lottery, and I go through my day amazed at how wonderful and special our world is. It does NOT make me think any magic man in the sky created it. Being an atheist, it’s ok to say &quot:I don’t know&quot: how the universe got here.

The complexity and massiveness of the universe actually speaks against the possibility of an intelligent designer. If God made the earth for humans, why the heck did he need to create so much ancillary crap? There – I answered your argument from ignorance with one of my own.

The physical rules of the universe aren’t proof of anything other than that there are physical rules. And I have a correction for you, near the surface of the earth objects accelerate initially at 9.8 metres per second per second. They very quickly encounter wind resistance that is proportional to the fourth power of their velocity and is also dependent on their density and shape. This is simply because of the weak gravity well created by the enormous mass of the earth. How does this have anything to do with the existence of god?

No-one in science claims that something came from nothing. That is a straw man.

I’m an atheist and I don’t see the world in black and white – that’s another straw man.

&quot:there are millions.. countless number of stars and lights above you- entire worlds and galaxies that dwarf anything you’ve ever known. We are floating on a rock in space.&quot:

EXACTLY- so what makes you think this tiny rock is SO special? Why would a god create the vast universe and then just focus only on this one little rock? I do recognize how amazing the universe is. My heart is not cold or cynical, just realistic. Unlike christians I recognize that science helps me appreciate just how beautiful and amazing the universe and earth really are. I just don’t credit that beauty to an invisible man. In fact, NOT believing in a god allows me to fully appreciate just how incredibly amazing the universe really is.

&quot:ntire worlds and galaxies that dwarf anything you’ve ever known.&quot:

Except we actually know how they were made.

&quot:We live in an existence where anything can happen and anything is possible, yet there are rules.&quot:

Rules that operate perfectly well WITHOUT the interference of a big magical sky daddy.

&quot:How can something like that even be possible without a creator?&quot:

What you plainly haven’t considered is the actual physical implications of there actually being a creator. In other words, what kind of impact that would have on the universe and how things function. Stop following with blind faith.

&quot:And how can you explain how we came to be&quot:

Abiogenesis. This is fairly well documented in your scientific textbook. You DID take a science class in high school right?

&quot:How the universe came to be?&quot:

The big bang.

&quot:what was there BEFORE the beginning?&quot:

We don’t know yet.

&quot:nd how can something come from nothing?&quot:

It can’t, and that’s not what the big bang suggests.

&quot:but this world is a lot more magical and alive than the black and white world many atheists make it out to be&quot:

Thank goodness your opinions don’t influence facts.

&quot:and if they open up their cynical cold hearts and minds&quot:

Perhaps if you open up your retarded idiotic foolish and ridiculous closed mind, YOU’D find something there too.

Just because YOU are to pathetic to live without your magical invisible friend doesn’t mean I or anyone else needs him.

If the creation of time is an actual event, it’s pointless to talk about &quot:before&quot:, there is no before. How many times do we have to ask where something so great as a god comes from? If a god can always be why can’t the universe have always existed in one form or another?

I took you seriously when you started ranting about metaphysics and mathematics. But then I lost all seriousness when you credited that to an invisible, flying, super special awesome, wizard in the sky, that munches on popcorn all day while watching on human suffering everyday for amusement. And the world is NOT black and white in the minds of Atheists, Buddhists, Shamans and any other people who follow different religions. But thanks for generalizing. I say you’ve got a good start on physics. Maybe you should take Physics AP or Chemistry and you might turn into one of the smarter and intelligent and level headed Xtians. FYI. Never say that someone only sees something in black and white WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IT ACTUALLY MEANS. Black and White has NOTHING to do with religion. It has more to do with personal choice and morality.

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