Do you think Obama will win the popular vote and lose the electoral vote?

I think this may happen. the polls show Obama ahead by 6% but I look at the map and Obama may win big in CA, NY, NJ yet close loses in OH, FLA, and PA or MI may not get him the electoral votes. What do you think?

I don’t know if that will happen or not, but what I do know is this:

If a candidate like Barrack Obama wins the popular vote but not the electoral, there will be some serious riots going on in the United States. It would be a similar situation with what happened to Gore, only magnified because it happened to a Democratic candidate again. People will lose faith in our voting system, and the government will have to answer to that.

It wouldn’t be pretty, that’s for sure.

You’re right according to the polls. But polls have been consistently over rating Obama this primary season. I think Obama will lose the popular vote by 55 to 45%. That is based on the type of people that Obama attacts and how much they weight in the general population. Blacks only count for 12% while white blue collar voters are around 70%. And even if Obama gains a unified party, the Democrats are only 40% while republicans are slightly less. The moderate independent voters decide the winner, and guess what? The majority of swing voters are white blue collar moderates.

This is the basic reason that traditional democrats have been arguing for Clinton. Obama has offended and aliented the very voters he must win in November. Call them racists or whatever you want to call them, but the fact remains that Obama won’t get their votes which makes him unelectable.

He’ll win both. We just cannot afford another corrupt ole doughboy in the white house again for decades to come. Intelligent people are realizing we need someone in the oval office who cares about us and not keeping his &quot:war for oil&quot: wallet FAT!

I was particularly insinged by E.D. Hill’s comments about Obama and his wife Michelle giving each other a gesture of hope and comradery with the &quot:knuckle fist&quot::


I guess that would make Charlie Sheen a terrorist too and all the white, Black, Asian, Latino, and Indian baseball players, and for that matter, all sports atheletes terrorists too right dumb @ss Faux News???

Don’t worry, in spite of all the vicious slander, Obama will make us all proud by whomping on McShame’s @ss come November. We just don’t want &quot:politics the same as usual in the white house&quot: ever again!

Thanks, but Obama is winner take all!

No, Obama will be lucky to prevent the largest landslide in history. If you are believing those polls, then I am happy as hell. I never thought I would get another chance to laugh at you clowns again after your two previous declarations of victory after poll results.

Cracked my a s s up.

Its going to be the same bullshit as Al Gore vs George Bush. Obama WILL win the popular vote. Obama WILL lose the electoral vote. McCain will become president. Our country will never leave Iraq or Afghanistan. We will attack Iran. After Iran is the same mess as Iraq and Afghanistan are now, we will attack Saudi Arabia. Then, we will burn down Mecca and kill every muslim, man woman and child.

Then, Israel will become a 51st state, and become a &quot:capitol state&quot: which is the only state allowed to vote or make any decisions, and also gets 5000% more funding than every other state put together.

Try and prove me wrong.

I don’t think it will happen. But it would be Hilarious. I would as a republican would laugh at all the whining that would take place.
Its kind of like Hillary complaining now. At the same time, it would really suck if you were in that majority.

I think he’s going to win some of the purple states and thus win the popular AND the electoral votes. That’s just my perspective.

I think McCain will win both, people cannot trust Obama. 51% say he shares Rev Wrights views, 35% Hillary supporters say they will vote for McCain. McCain will cream him in the debates. Obama can’t win, he has No Experience.


I think it would be kind of funny. He had no problem when the electoral vote gave him the nomination over Hillary’s popular vote lead, so he’d have absolutely no room to complain. ha, I kind of hope it happens.

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