Democrat or republican? Why?

I am a democrat because i do not like bush what so ever and i am not all that wealthy.

I am an independant. I believe in a strong, small government. I believe in an unbiased foreign policy. I believe in protecting and helping American citizens first, before helping and defending other countries. I believe in protecting the environment. I believe in the rights afforded to us by the Constitution, including the Right to Bear Arms. I am anti-abortion in most cases. I believe in tax cuts for everyone, not just the wealthy. I believe that marriage is a basic human right, gay or straight.

I side with Democrats on some of these issues, and Republicans on others. I, personally, do not like Bush and what he’s done to this country. I dislike and distrust both political parties equally. One of my favorite quotes is Abraham Lincoln: “A statesman is he who thinks in the future generations, and a politician is he who thinks in the upcoming elections.”. We need more statesmen and fewer politicians.

First of all I don’t think because you don’t like a president you should be the opposite party. You should have to believe in what the standards of the party first. I am however in the middle. I am pretty in decisive when it comes to the issues faced with us today.

I am sick and tired of both. Politics was never meant to be a career. None of the people in Washington know what its like to work for a living. to be poor. or lose a child to war. What could any of them possibly do for the average Joe?

Democrat. When Democrats are in office, EVERYONE makes money. When Republicans are in White house, Republicans make money. AND, they are warmongers personified..

Democrat i don’t like bush’s war policy

I am a republican, I believe in a strong government.

All that matters for me in the 30k bracket is gas is half what I payed 10 years ago, home heating is down, jobs are better then ever. Life is good!

Neither!Why should we pick?

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