Besides Hate for Obama, what are 4 reasons to vote for Romney?

i understand hes a Mormon and wont do well in the south or with tea party voters, i understand he was a Liberal Governor in a blue state and left office with a 34% approval rating ,i understand he lost to Ted Kennedy in 94 after he bashed Reagan and said he was an independent during his presidency, and i understand his Private sector Bain experience flipped company’s, killed jobs and sent company’s overseas while he made over 100 million. hes also a flip flopper and he panders and is highly scripted.

what are 4 good reasons to vote for him with out Mentioning the current President? i dont expect any real answers at all. Huntsman based on his record, who has worked under 5 U.S Presidents who is more successful and true would seem like a better choice.

1. The Republicans believe the rich are heroes. Romney is perhaps the richest guy ever to run for president, certainly the richest of the current crop. So he’s like a super-hero. Like Superman. Come to think of it, he looks a little like Superman.

2. The leaders of the GOP like him ‘cos they know he’ll do whatever they say. He has no actual political leanings of his own, he take on the opinions of those surrounding him.

3. He knows the words to America the Beautiful.

4. Did I mention he was the richest of any of the current candidates?

Seriously, Romney seem to be the only one of the Repub. candidates who actually thinks he could be president, who isn’t just running to build his brand, increase his speaker fees, sell more books, or whatever. All the others seem to want to get elected through being whacker than they next guy. Romney is the only one who’s trying -not- to be whacky. Each of the other candidates has taken his turn being the Not Romney of the week, but Romney has held onto his 22-25% through thick and thin.

What if Romney does a worse activity than obama?? What if he does not? Unfortuntely, none persons have a crystal ball to let us know the respond.. in spite of the undeniable fact that, we do comprehend that obama’s overall performance has been greater effective than terrible.. We additionally comprehend he has no regard for the form and he’s corrupt.. If the suited indicator of the destiny, is the previous, why might all of us think of something might get greater useful with yet another 4 years of obama?? We additionally comprehend that with no need to tension approximately re-election he would be much greater of a loose canon.. He has advised us that himself via protecting that if congress does no longer bypass what he needs he will stay faraway from them and bypass what he likes through govt order.. No, we don’t comprehend if Romney would be an progression, we are able to purely desire yet on the grounds that obama in simple terms turns into greater disasterous via the day it’s time to grant somebody else a huge gamble…

Romney is a loser &amp: a vote for him is just like voting for Obama. If Romney wins the nomination
it’s not even worth wasting the time to go vote.

The ONLY reason I would vote for Romney is that HE IS NOT OBAMA. Otherwise I would not vote for him. I sincerely hope someone else gets the nomination, anyone but Romney.

You are correct. The votes the republican candidate gets will be votes against Obama.

He’s just like Obama and fully approved by the people who own our government.

1. Repeal of Soetorocare
2. Capital gains tax reduction
3. Income tax reductions.
4 Domestic energy development.

I only need two. The economy and the deficit. Claiming that people won’t vote for Obama because they hate him reeks of desperation.

He is care over all Americans no exceptions…
He is care over all Americans no exceptions…
He is care over all Americans no exceptions…
He is care over all Americans no exceptions…

Lesser of two evils
Lesser of two evils
Lesser of two evils
Lesser of two evils

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