Are My questions a bit too difficult for the Cons /Reps here to handle?

Are they any worse then What Cons /Reps ask here on Y/A in the Politics section ?
Should I be a bit more kinder when I ask my questions about Republicans in office ?
Are Republicans /Conservatives just too sensitive for my questions ?

apparently so

keep up the good work

Someone once told me that although the mentally ill go to therapy often they are never cured. Some people on this site seem to have trouble with spending less than they earn or the government spending less than its revenue or that any of the debt should be paid down. I wonder how many sane people would agree with them.

LOL. I have been suspended twice for being less aggressive than you. I could even show them the name of the troll that bragged about doing it with 9 different screen names. Same time as Aubs got nailed. Yahoo is on your liberal side and will not even listen to people that are not.

Here’s a free tip: When logic fails, or you can’t get a good argument going, just call your opponent a bigot, Nazi or a racist or the good old reliable one size fits all &quot:hater&quot:. Works every time. Don’t forget, if you are real creative, you might be able to work &quot:bible thumper&quot: or &quot:homophobe&quot: or &quot:tea bagger&quot: &quot:KKK&quot: or &quot:conservative&quot: or &quot:redneck&quot: into the comment somehow too. If you need any more help, just let me know. It’s a free service I provide to the logic challenged. Y’all come back soon now. Not real soon though… absence makes the heart grow fonder and I want to remember you fondly.

Nice try sweetheart your questions are the same false that all of u liberals try to feed us
You sound soooooo openminded my lefty friend, the open-mindedness is probably how your brain fell out
Don’t hurt yourself

Your &quot:questions&quot: are nothing more than accusations with no basis in fact. Opinion is not fact. We are all entitled to an opinion, just like we can all agree to disagree. There are rude people on this forum from all political parties.

Simple answer: no.

Oh, and &quot:more kinder&quot: sounds silly.

Yes.. that’s got to be it. And whatever you do, don’t let the fact that you look like an idiot after every post change your mind on that..

Your questions are way too one sided and based purely on Rhetoric. If you want to blame Republicans for every single thing, you may need to re-evaluate because Democrats do the exact same things and simply tell you otherwise.

Nope. You are a proven hypocrite just like the other libs on here

I’d be happy to engage on any policy matter you wish. I count myself a conservative or libertarian.

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