Why are republicans set on killing health care reform? Where are their brilliant ideas?

Plz do explain how anything they propose would help the typical hard working middle class and lower income American families.

I see these right made commercials on the news bashing health care reform but i notice none of them include any better ideas that would actually make a difference for American people. They say nothing about their ideas or plans nothing is mentioned that would get people discussing real ideas. why is that? The only thing they have managed to get people talking about is haha ‘death panels’ yeah that’s real productive huh? I see nothing but hot air coming from the right nothing of real value is being proposed.

I heard about the suggestions they had on those papers &amp: they were ridiculous. Just pretending they have ideas &amp: offered suggestions. They did the same thing with the stimulous. They have no ideas cause all they are about is big money paying them to help them keep robbing the country.

To people like you it wouldn’t make a difference if the Republican had 10,000 proposals out there. Democrats like you do harm to your party.

Tabitha…..You are not paying attention. We aren’t trying to kill reform. We are trying to kill government takeover. And yes, Republicans have plans:




Obviously you don’t watch the news..

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