when good things happen to me, I wait two weeks to tell anyone because I like to use the word &quot:fortnight.&quot:?

Good way to keep that word alive. Cherrio!

its funny strange when you think about the word fortnight. Reminds me of a velvet sky dotted with a few stars and a crescent moon hung low, overlooked by a silhouette of a fortress. I love the word fortnight too, now that you come to mention it. I’ll try and fit in the word feeble somewhere in a sentence whenever I can. I know it means weak, but it sounds different and weird. I like it 😛

Nish xD

awhh, poor you..people think you are odd and strange. Dw, happens to me..unless of course you don’t wanna be like me..you should worry 😛

the 1st element my mom could say Is don’t be previous due abode from college,do no longer tear or grimy your clothing,and no taking part in soccer interior the line,We used to primary 2 broken abode windows a week,And the renowned final words or i’m going to tell your father whilst he gets abode.of direction all of it went in one ear and out of the different.

well thats a little weird maybe you should wait 365 days later then u can use the word year. thats an even better word. wait what is this game called?

Nice! Its worth it for a word like that, i guess

oh it’s fortnight.. no wonder folks were looking at me..

(i thought it was FARTnight.)

Yeah I like using it too! I think I use it specifically when I’m like hyper or just feeling stupid…

Wow that’s brilliant!

Aye, laddie, as well as I

good I am glad for you xx

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