What was the best thing before sliced bread?


my biscuit makings

Canned Bread.

The moving assembly line, invented by Henry Ford, was the most significant thing before sliced bread. It was invented in 1908, whereas sliced bread came out in 1928 by Otto F. Rohwedder.

Nothing. The world did not exist before sliced bread.

Chuck Norris

Once you explain to me the big deal about sliced bread, I’ll be glad to answer your question.

Going to go out on a limb and say………..Freะกั“a That AuSSie Girl :O
Though a close second would be Top Hats. If Abe Lincoln wore it, it must have been good ha

Loaves of Bread
EDIT: Dang. That’s taken. Hmm. Vegetables?


Kangaroo pizza. In a pocket in a calzone, or in a parrot partner.
In those days they were the cutest delivery boys.

depends. when was sliced bread invented

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