What is a &quot:catastrophic mess that Bush made&quot:, that Obama is so successful at cleaning up?

I read so many answers on Y/A saying Obama is cleaning up Bush mess….

So my question is:

What is a catastrophic mess that Bush made, that Obama is so successful at cleaning up?

&quot:Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.&quot:


Bush caused many catastrophic messes during his 8 year tenure, but the most vital lapse during his administration was his (and Cheney’s) subversion of the U. S. Constitution and Rule of Law that they both swore to uphold. Besides lying to the American people about launching an unnecessary war in Iraq to outing a covert CIA agent and no-bid contracts to their friends in the military industrial complex to the disaster of Katrina, not to mention their ignorance and/or apathy about the economic crisis. They both placed politics above country by placing cronies in positions of power when they had no experience to handle their jobs. (Think of Michael Brown as head of FEMA during Katrina.) They also politicized the Justice Department and decided that the executive branch of government needed no oversight by Congress (this is a disaster in a democracy). There are many more examples of the egregious failures caused by Bush/Cheney, and President Obama understands the challenges and obstacles ahead of him.

the mess is that BUSH separated the terrorist noncivilians with the
ones we have in our jails! thats the mess. I honestly think putting these nonamerican terrorist in our jails so we can pay for their dental work and so they can get better care and talk and plot with people getting out is what obama wants. it has to be becasue there is no smart person on earth that would compromise the saftey of an entire country like this.

I think the biggest problem Obama is making are continually blaming Bush for everything. Obama needs to grow up and start leading this country like he promised to instead of playing the blame game. This is getting old with everyone IMO. He is not changing anything but making things worse. Thats what I see and I voted for him.

This mess was started long before Bush and Obama is just adding to it

Bush got carry away with Iraq – that’s it.

Obama – he changes everything – from bailing banks selling cars.

May all Obama supporters live to see the day this great land goes to sh*t.

Attacking the wrong country. Committing torture to get a link between al Quada and Iraq to justify his war. Hiring Cheeney’s company Haliburton to rebuild Iraq, did shoddy work and killed American troops. Rumsfeld, Cheeney and Bush were all in on this. They will be found guilty. Five sentences and I didn’t even mention the economy.

Well Bush made more catastrophic messes than Exxon Oil ever dreamt of..(Iraq, The Economy) But Obama hasn’t cleaned any up yet, I doubt He’s had time to get fully settled into the frikking White House yet, give Him some time before You judge.

what the success that people claim is cleaning it up is what i want to know, Nancy Pelozi lieing about torture that’s a good way to attempt to act like the dems had no part, good job obama your doing a great job blaming bush but that’s about it

The fact that he took our $3.5 Billion deficit, and turned it into a $7 billion deficit. Obama is &quot:cleaning it up&quot: with Keynesian policies. If you knew anything about macroeconomics, you would never be a conservative. And Obama is getting us out of a pointless war.

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