To the gang that’s here. Can we start our own religion and make millions?

If we accept the theory that the universe if finite and that the big bang theory is correct then this opens a new door into the existence of parallel universes and multiple dimensions. I would like to share with you a most interesting inspiration.— Before our creation- In a dimension some where in the space time continuum a universe exists that is home for singularity. Where individual entities live that are all equally omnipotent, powerful, and all knowing. Each entity contains all things: good, evil, life, death, joy, and sadness. Each entity contains the makings of an equally impressive universe such as our own.

These entities are called Ods. Ods have existed, as far as I could tell forever. They have always been and shall always be. Much like the one God that many people worship today. The big difference is they exist for the most part in the same universal dimension at the same time excepting the one that I am going to concern myself with here.

Miod simply put is the creator of our universe. He is the reason we live and breath, the reason the millions of stars in the galaxies share their light with us. Miod is the grains of sand in the ocean, the ocean itself and everything that lives within it. He is the living creatures on the earth and the earth beneath their feet. Miod is the radiation from a distant star and the source from which it comes. Miod is the spirit and soul of every living creature. Miod is our universe.

Miod once resided in the same dimension as other Ods but one day chose to leave. Being all knowing and omnipotent he knew he could transport himself to another place just to past away an infiniday (one infinity time measure) in a place he had not been.

Miod disappeared one infiniday from the land of Ods by passing though a portal (a wormhole) into a new dimension (ours) which was
void of anything. A great vacuum was all that existed here before his arrival. The instant Miod appeared into the great void he exploded (the Big Bang) from the great forces exerted upon his singular form. He knew that this would happen but what better way to spend one fine infiniday in a timeless infinity. Thus, the Genesis begins: And Miod said, “Let there be light…..and there was light, formed of superheated plasma reaching temperatures of billions of degrees Kelvin racing outward from it’s singular beginning to start the journey toward today. Miod saw that the light was good and so ended the first infiniday of our universe.

As the plasma cooled in the vacuum of our universe baryons became matter and matter began to join and so the stars and planets and all heavenly bodies were formed. Miod was pleased to see his form, he could look upon himself far away and see that all things were him. So ended the second infiniday.

On the third day Miod saw that the heavenly bodies that were good for life were set apart, and that life had been encouraged by seeding them with the properties that are required. Comets carried the basics of life to planets suited to sustain it by the random forces that had created them. And in this way the seeds of life came to be on our planet. The third infiniday is done.

Miod is patient for he is everything and time means nothing to him. With his spirit and body flung across the heavens he still knows what is going to be. With this in mind he patiently waits to see his life forces mold into being on our planet and in only a few million earth years of primordial ooze he is rewarded with the first signs of life. And Miod is pleased. So ends the forth infiniday.

As the fifth infiniday begins Miod sees that life is growing and diversifying and that each is a little part of him. Different many times from each other but still a oneness with him, for he is all things. Each living thing possessing a part of Miod that cannot be replicated except that which was meant to be. On this day Miod is pleased for he could now see life.

Many years pass for life on earth life evolves, dies and evolves again. And then one day Miod sees a life form that is talking spiritual feeling and this makes him proud for he is spirit as well as matter. The life that calls itself human is talking spirits and souls and soon it talks of eternity with god in heaven. Now Miod knows he is this god for he is all things but just laughs at the tiny pieces of him that fail to realize that they are but mere pieces of the whole.

He sees the struggles and pain, the love and sadness the good and evil that man tries to divide into categories of good and bad knowing all along that these things must exist for they are all part of him. Just as the light exists so shall the good, just as the darkness so shall the bad, this is what Miod says.

Now in the midst of the fifth infiniday, we live here on a tiny lonely rock in the universe of the body and soul of Miod trying to
decide that which has already been decided. Desperately trying to understand why we exist and what the meaning of that existence is. Apparently, all for the amusement of a most likely bored Od.

From these few passages you can begin to see that a certain amount of faith is required to believe how Miod came to be in our universe but there the requirement ends. Miod wants us to believe in ourselves and in things that are tangible. Science is the primary tangible object that is within our reach and science is going to show us the way to fulfillment.

We each being a small part of Miod lends us toward a desire to understand the whole and to satisfy that desire we must seek by every route possible the answers to each question that may arise. This is man’s destiny for Miod knew how inquisitive man was to be.

We here on this small planet revolving around a small star are only beginning to understand the marvels of the body of Miod. At long last we are starting to see into the tiniest parts of ourselves and
into the vastness of the universe in which we exist.

Scientists at long last are unraveling the mysteries of the genetic code that permeate organic life. By doing so Miod knows that man will be, perchance, benefactor to a more enriched and healthy existence and Miod feels compassion for the small ones that exist so briefly. Each advancement made is yet another step toward his new destiny.

Man has learned he can look into the vastness of the body of Miod with powerful telescopes and radio frequencies. Miod is pleased for he too is peering about watching the bits and pieces of what was, transform and shift about randomly searching for their way to their inevitable destiny, the whole.

Each revolution of the earth around it’s feeble source of heat and light and each cycle of light and darkness brings the mind of man closer to the source of his creation. But it is through the efforts of man that this is possible not by the mere changing of light to dark or dark to light.

In reality each of us is part of Miod and in each of us lies the makings of a god. Mind you not the entirety of a god, but the smallest integral makings of a god just as the most distant galaxy you can phantom also has the properties of Miod so has man. The honor of that title can be claimed by no other but Miod.

Miod often laughs at the many attempts and concoctions that man has made to explain his meager existence through religious belief and rights. They are most often poor attempts at best and always conflict with previous ones. But, this is how things are when the knowledge is so limited. Man’s knowledge is nothing if not limited for we cannot access the far reaches of the body and mind of Miod. We have barely even scratched the surface of that we can access.

If man chooses to see the greatness of Miod he is granted this ability with a limitation: intelligence. Man can choose to argue and war among himself for the right to sole possession of the answer to eternity though prophets and gods and be his own demise or he can apply himself to understanding the science behind his existence. To Miod it is of little consequence but for man it may well determine his longevity on this tiny rock.

Therefore, we see that Miod is a singularity of science, knowledge and understanding. Though knowledge we can come to know Miod and the reasons we exist. Faith in any other form of salvation is unfortunately pure folly.

&amp:lt:&amp:lt:&amp:lt:The Miodic Principle&amp:gt:&amp:gt:&amp:gt:

In order to better understand the purpose and meaning of the creator, Miod, and to enhance and improve the existence of carbon based life
forms (subdivisions of the creator) the scientific method of discovery will be applied with diligence. With each advancement a more clear picture of the creator will become apparent even though more questions may arise. These problems will be approached
in the same manner as the ones preceding them, scientifically.

Earlier religious and belief systems will be categorically rejected as invalid. Scientific method will replace the pagan belief systems of Christian, Islamic and Judaic faiths as well as the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. No alternate beliefs of any sort are to be allowed as they may interfere with the advancement of science. With these doctrines in place Miod will be pleased and earth may have a future after all.

One world. One truth. One destiny.

Love it. I’m with ya!

Yes, I think the problem is that the levels of immigration are too high. within reason, immigration is a good thing, however, it has gone too far. Originally the post war immigrants to Britain were meant to assimilate but when this did not work we were then told that we were going to have a multi cultural society instead! Well, what we have is exactly the sort of problems you have outlined, also, I might add, we are on the way towards having Muslim caliphates in certain areas. Of course, the mifddle class PC brigade love to lecture us on equality but studiously avoid living with the immigrants! If you are fed up with where you live try moving to a smaller British city or town where the immigrants make up, say, 2 per cent of the population. That way you get a predominantly British identity but with tolerance an opportunity for the right number of immigrants creating a vibrant atmosphere for all. By the way, I heard a stat that more than 50 per cent of the UK poulation will be non-white by 2100. It sounds racist to talk about white and non white but it makes sense. After all, if the population of India was to become half Indian half white there would be controversies in that country about immigration. There is an identity to protect. Enoch Powell was right!

Yes the most worst kinda religion will be one that combines science. Scientology is attempting to do this.(Kinda) We so do the others. Its so morally wrong to create such a religion. Can you imagine being the reason for a cosmic war in the future over Miod.

Will i join sure its way better then all the others. At least deep down i will know its not true. At lest Science is Good for Miod. Also i think you religion makes to much sense for people to believe.

i wud love to join u…but am very very far from the place where u live…can i do some contribution to this community being so far…i mean from the net or stuff…can it be possible…or will u eliminate me out..cos i can keep in touch…?..am serious..i need more and more info abt reaching and keepin in touch with this group..let me know once when u hav gathered few ppl…

good luck..waiting for u..

Be forewarned. I’m mustering an army to wage war against your new religion. Not sure why but we’ll think of something to get everybody worked up.

L. Ron Hubbard and the guy who runs the Universal Life Church both did it!

the simple answer is YES.
freedom of religion is allowed in the constitution. however making millions is not always available, unless you have a message or something that people want to hear.
I heard that anton levay died broke with his new religion.

Ya, i dont know how you got away with typing that much, but i read the title.

Im in.

Chiefe Officer of Insperation.

So that is your objection to Christianity, you want to get rich selling another religion.

You know, there was another fellow that was full of pride, and wanted to be lifted above God, having authority over God. His name was Lucifer. We know him today as Satan or the Devil.

I’m in, Troubled:-)

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