To atheists who believe Jesus never existed.?

Just a question. Do you not believe that Dr.Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln never existed simply because you never met them?

I think you proceed from a false assumption … I don’t know that there are many atheists who believe Jesus never existed. For me, Jesus existed, was probably a nice guy, helped people and ended up a martyr due to his untimely death.

Additionally, for someone who was seemingly so important to the planet, where are the bones? The grave? Both King and Lincoln have graves, and we can dig the bones up if required. Not so with the supposed son of god.

Okay, first of all, even though I’m an atheist, I think it is highly probable that Jesus existed. However the evidence for Jesus’ existence is not nearly as strong as for Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln.

Absolutely nothing was written about Jesus during his lifetime, the earliest evidence we have comes from Paul and he was writing at least 2 decades after Jesus’ death. Then we have the gospels, but Matthew and Luke copied from Mark, and John may have also copied a little from Mark (though we don’t really know). All of these were written many decades after Jesus’ death.

So we have about 3 sources for Jesus’ existence all written long after his lifetime, and probably dozens if not hundreds for MLK and Lincoln during their lifetime. Not only that but we also have photographic evidence for both of them. The evidence for Jesus simply does not compare at all.

For those of you saying Jesus didn’t exist, How can you prove He didn’t? There are historical documents that exist that mention Jesus, maybe not as the Son of God, but as a person who did exist. But what He did or what the Bible says just comes back down to what you believe. Plus it is a totally different subject then this question in the first place. The question was if you believe that those historical figures never existed just because you have never met them? Just answer the question that is here. Start a new one if you want to rant and rave your opinion about Jesus. This was a yes or no question.

Aside from the fact that there is *no* evidence for a historical Jesus, no one tries to interfere with constitutional rights or science based on MLK or Lincoln. No one cuts off their baby’s arms, or crushes their little skulls with rocks because they believe MLK or Lincoln told them to. No one flies airplanes into buildings, or blows themselves up in crowds shouting &quot:Martin Luther King, Jr. is great,&quot: or &quot:Abraham Lincoln is great.&quot:
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”Whether Jesus ever actually existed has long been debated. The argument (very well documented) is that there is absolutely no corroborating evidence of his existence in documents other than highly suspect Christian sources.&quot: – Riane Eisler, &quot:The Chalice &amp: the Blade,&quot: p. 122
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&quot:The gospel story is an artificial, non-historical work. It has been fabricated from source materials that can be identified and traced to their incorporation in the gospels. There is not a particle of hard evidence that ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ ever existed.&quot: – Harold Leidner, &quot:The Fabrication of the Christ Myth&quot:
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&quot:To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin.&quot: – Cardinal Bellarmine, 1615, blasphemy trial of Galileo Galilei
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Nothing real requires faith.

See the thing is, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King were never said to die and then come back to life again… or to walk on water…. turn water in to wine. Jesus very well could have existed, but not the Jesus described in the bible as &quot:God’s son.&quot:

humorous, none of those meant eyewitnesses wrote something down. or maybe advised everybody that wrote something down. there is not any historic evidence that Jesus of Nazareth existed, baby. no longer something became into written even declaring one in each and every of those individual until 2 generations after the meant activities. Even Josephus, the main sought after Jewish historian of the term, did no longer point out him. He wrote approximately Herod, Pontius Pilate, or maybe John the Baptist, yet no Jesus. Your meant &quot:eye witness debts&quot: do no longer truthfully exist. I have no concept the place you adult men even GET that declare, considering’s traditionally unsupported. Historians debate rather normally on the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. Even the &quot:Jesus Seminar&quot:, a gathering of nicely-prevalent biblical pupils, only accredits the Gospels as having an 18% danger of being even partly superb, thinking the great sort of archaeological and chronological errors contained therein. attempt truthfully analyzing up on some peer-reviewed paintings in the sector extremely than only believing regardless of your bible learn classification throws at you, and you may learn something approximately what counts as a valid historic source.

Do you really think that not having met him is the ONLY reason they hold that belief?

If so, you really need to know thy enemy a little better. Most cite the lack of corroborating, contemporary evidence for his existence–a situation which is NOT the case with Abraham Lincoln or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Whether or not an historical person upon whom the stories of Jesus are based, it has very little relevance to Christ.

Think of it this way, there are about five good candidates that historians have determined might be the historic persons upon whom the myths of King Arthur are based. These are sixth century Romano-British War Chiefs, fighting Saxon incursion. Personally, I think it likely that all five had a hand in generating the stories the grew into the Myth of King Arthur, but it matters not. None of them drew a magical sword from a stone, or presided over a utopian Camelot.

Or to put it another way, I believe Julius Ceasar existed, as a man. But I disagree with the plethora of ancient sources that all agree he was descended from the Goddess Venus and became a god himself upon death.

Thats not the reason why we don’t believe in Jesus fool.There is no evidence to prove Jesus did exist. We know Lincol and Martin Luther King existed.

There are lots of verifiable evidence to the existence of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. There is no evidence to the existence of Jesus, let alone his so called divinity.

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