Persuasive paper, gay rights, gay marriage?

I’ve came up with a persuasive paper Im doing on gay marriage, im pro.
title: Can you really choose who you love?
but I need feed back on how to start it off, so far it goes just give me some feed back, im not done but I need a lot of help. please and thanks
If two people are in love, and want to get married then they should have the ability to do so, right?
Let’s say you’re absolutely head over heels in love with someone, and you have the forever feeling, you want to show everyone how much you love eachother, and vow to be together til’ death do you part with your closest family and friend, but.. your government wont allow you to do so, is this right ?
is it right that your rights to marriage have been denied to you just because the person you fell in love with just happens to be the same gender as you? Can you really control who you fall in love with? who is the government to say what is and isn’t ethically right?
Not that long ago a white and black couple were denied the same rights that gays are denied today, many people say its not but it is, just modernized. People love to paraphrase from a book written 3500 years ago, and to say you can be cured with some treatment and religion is absurd. we call eachother ******* behind the keys of a message board, just how the n word was used against black people that were discriminated against and had their right of marriage taken them away too, and to say in the bible that it says they cant be married, and to preach hate during a service is basically having tainted holy water,

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you quoted ‘same love’, it’s a good song, but it may not be okay since copyright laws. but assuming your teacher doesn’t know of the song, it’s very good. i know this is nothing-but-somewhat-related to your essay, but today Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize gay marriage in the Us(:

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