Obama or Romney.Who gets your vote in November 2012?

Who would be the best leader of the free world for the next 4 years? Romney or Obama.

President Obama.

The best choice. The only choice.




Obama gets the Dimocrat vote, no be counted what. this is the independents he needs to court docket. This explains the phony slide to the midsection. yet i think he has lost the Oval Orifice, no be counted what he does now.

I’m voting for Romney. More as a vote against Obama.

Definately Romney, this country cannot afford obama


* $1.5 Trillion average deficit/year
* $5+ Trillion debt in 3 years
* $818+ Billion wasted Stimulus
* Unconstitutional Obamacare
* 8.3% Declared unemployment (real one 16%+)
* 17.9% Declared underemployment
* 1100+ days without a budget (Last 3 voted DOWN 99-0, 414-0, 97-0)
* 2 US Downgrades


I’m writing in Ron Paul

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