Nice girl names with cute nicknames?

I’m writing a story and I want the main character to have a pretty girl’s name but go by a cute nickname. I’m thinking about:
Matilda- Mattie for short
Joelle- Joey for short
Manuella- Manny for short
I like the nicknames that are guys nicknames. Don’t give me things like Wow you’re stupid. Boy nicknames are retarded (I hate that term by the way). I really just want to know which one you like most or give me new ones with that general style. Thanks.

Joelle/Joey is sooooo cute! Definitely my favorite!!

I like the Matilda one. I think it’s a cute name. And you could say her name is Brooklyn and nickname is brook. Or her name could be Cameron and short is cam! I love those two names especially Cameron for a boy or girl! Good luck on your story!

Well I don’t like the name Matilda, but I absolutely love the nickname of Mattie:)

Joelle is my favorite

i like Mattie but Madeline instead of Matilda as the real name.

Lonsie Lonsington Londy Donsy Don-Don Lonnie-Donnie

Good luck with your story 🙂 I would use either Samantha: Sammy or Sam for short, so it could be a guys nickname, or Joelle (Joey) love that name 🙂

Abigail — Abbie, Abby, Abbi
Amelia — Amy
Jacqueline — Jackie, Jacki, Jack, Jacky
Elizabeth — Ellie, El, Beth, Lizzy, Liz
Arianna — Arri (a pronounced like the &quot:a&quot: in mall)

I also like Heather, I dont know why, though.

Joelle/Joey is definitely my favorite of your choices. &lt:3

I like nicknames thank you very much.

1. Gabriella-(Ella for short)
2. Brianne-(Bree for short)
3. Rozyln-(Roz for short)

For Guys:
1. Kyle-(Ky)
2. Tristan-(T)
3. Jameson(J-J)
Don’t worry about the negative ******* in these blogs.
It’s your story have fun with it. But be creative.
Hope this helps.

Joelle – Joey 🙂 sorry I can’t think of any other ones :p but I like that one &amp: its unique 🙂

I like Matilda-Mattie 🙂

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