Mom is cheating on dad and he knows…?

My dad is actually the one who brought all of the evidence to my attention. I’ve just snooped around a bit more deeply than he has. Since we moved to TX, she has been in debt, and I think she is stressed out over that. She works nights, because she makes more money apparently.

So, here’s my list of reasons I think she’s cheating:
-computer showed a UPS package to xyz, LA
-mysterious roses sent on Valentine’s Day
-hacked into her e-mail and found only one contact in her chat thing. after I did that I did an info search on the guy only to find out he lived in xyz, LA
-one night she said she was going to work, but she was acting all sneaky… so my dad followed her to work only to find that her car wasn’t there.
-she claimed went to a boot sale ALL day (i don’t remember the exact day, but I think it was a Saturday) and came back with nothing
-within the last three weeks she has gone to MS three times, because one of my relatives has been having issues… but the issues are not that bad.
-this last time she went to MS I’ve been texting and calling her frequently… but she never answers her phone. It rings like 2 times, and goes to voicemail, so I know she’s rejecting my call.
-she claims that the weather was terrible, but I checked it online and called my grandparents who LIVE there only to find it was light rain… she even went as far to tell me that she got scared because a huge gush of water almost knocked her off the road What a crock of bullshit… so anyways that was her excuse for stopping Shreveport tonight.
-randomly gets pissed off at my dad
-started smoking because she’s stressed
-very secretive behavior
-gets mad if I text her a lot
-always makes my dad look like the bad guy and fabricates stories
-in debt
-wants a divorce (connected w/ debt??)
-already has started looking at houses

What do you think? BULLSHIT or true?

How would you handle this situation? I’m incredibly upset and my dad has tried SO hard to please her but always falls short. She’s plain mean to him and makes the smallest issue a HUGE deal. I can’t stand it… I’ve always trusted her, but her lying about her whereabouts and what she’s doing is not right… I don’t lie to her about where I’m going! She shouldn’t do the same to me, let alone CHEAT.

I definitely know what you are going through.
My mother done the very same thing to me.

Your mother sounds like she simply got tired of your father, and wanted something new. I asked my mother about it once, and that was her EXACT words.

I’m sorry but your father deserved much better than that, from what you have told us. Go comfort your father, He’s going through a lot right now and probably feels as if his whole world is crashing down. Let him know you will be there for him, if no one else is.

Oh sweetie.. 🙁 That’s so tough. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling just now.. But you need to calm down, collect yourself and sit down and talk to your mum about it when you’ve calmed down a little. You need to get this out of your system and let her know that you know and explain that it’s not fair on you and especially your dad. Your mum is acting selfishly, and perhaps the reason she’s accused your dad of cheating is because she, herself had a guilty mind. If you mum doesn’t respond or ignores you or acts in a negative way or if you plain just can’t pluck up the courage to talk to her or think it will end badly – talk to a grandparent or neutral relative about it and they should give you some support.. I don’t think your mum is acting fairly and this burden shouldn’t be yours to bear, it breaks my heart because I remember going through a similar situation and I know from experience the longer you leave it, the worse it will become.. If you’re close to your dad and you’re sure he won’t flip out at your mum terribly.. (and that you’re 100% sure that this is indeed the case), speak to your mum, tell her to break it off or confess or you should maybe get a relative, or if you’re confident, yourself talk to him. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s NOT your fault. The truth hurts but it’s the best in the long run and trust me it stings like hell now but it’s better than leaving it for your dad to find out they’ve been having an affair for 3 years without him knowing. Serious blow. I’m really sorry hun, I hope you get through this okay. It might be worth talking to someone professional like a school counsiller if you feel lost.

What your mom and dad need to realize is – any problems they may have in their relationship are probably going to be the same problems in a new relationship. They should communicate more with one another and try to work things out if they are still in love with each other. You on the other hand should stay out of the situation.

Sit all three of u toghether and make it clear that u both know that she is cheating. try to convince her that what she is doing is wrong and how much u love her. Debt is nothing if u are together and support each other. she may get convinced.

Yeah she’s cheating. Since you’ve done all that, get a hold of her cellphone bill. Or call the cell company and have them send you one. I’m sure you know all her info.

It’s not up to you to do anything about it. You shouldn’t get involved in this. It is a problem for your parents to solve. STAY OUT OF IT.

I think she is cheating. That really terrible and I’m really srry.

stay out of your parents drama’s. they are there’s, not yours.

Maybe you could focus on getting yourself a partner instead of interogating ur parents.

u need a life, and quickly!

YOU need to mind your own business – and NOT invade your mother’s privacy!
This is for your dad to handle, not you!

you should do yourself a favor and stay out of your parents bullshiiit

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