Long distance teen relationship.. breakup advice?

Me and my girlfriend, rather I should say Ex, recently had a very nasty break up. It was a long distance relationship and we’re both still teens. We’d been dating for nearly two years, with our anniversary on its way this upcoming February. A semi-friend of hers had recently asked her out, and as you see she had been being very distant the days prior. She was looking for my guidance when I offered her none. I should have but I had been guessing that she would already know my stance on the subject as we had lasted for so many years and I had cared about her so greatly much. I wanted her to say no. Days later she stayed distant and revealed she had said yes. I was devastated, to say the least. I know I’m not supposed to say something like this, or do it in the first place, but I took out my aggravation and anger through cutting. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here. She’s since deleted me from all types of social media networks and such and made me feel like absolute trash. She claims that I never thought she cared, that she thought I gave up on her when I didn’t offer her the advice when she needed it the most. What am I supposed to do, I feel like nothing. Like I’m simply replaceable, that I never meant anything to her. Other times before this she tried to end but I told her and persuaded her to hang on just a little longer. And she told me this time she was done caring, that she hates me and wants me to move on when I can’t. She was so much more than just a girlfriend, she was my everything, she had my heart, she was my best friend. I’m not close to many people in real life and she helped me through it, she would constantly make me feel happy when other things around me got me down and out. I felt like she gave up too soon, and when I question her about this she says I was the one who gave up when I didn’t speak my mind, but wish I had now. I had only assumed.. I haven’t stopped breaking down the past 2 days, I’ll be sitting there feeling things are getting better when I burst into tears randomly. I love this girl and she.. she, gave us all up. That’s how I feel anyways. I need any type of condolence, anything that will help. I can’t go on feeling like this with her ignoring me and no one to turn to in my time of need. I don’t want to say I’m ready to give everything up, but I’m nearing the breaking point where I could start making stupid decisions I’ll regret later. I just.. I need help.

You don’t deserve this. You seem like a nice guy and this girl is treating you horribly. You’ve spent two years together and I understand how hard breaking up would be. But maybe it’s time to move on. I’m not sure how old you are because all you said was &quot:teen&quot: but you have your whole life ahead of you. There are going to be other girls, and some girl is going to treat you way better than this one. Also this was a long distance relationship and those are hard. You should try finding a girl close to you so that there won’t be misunderstandings like with what happened here. Everything will get better! Stay strong and find somebody who is going to treat you right!


I know this is hard but, long distance relationships never work, it was destined to fail. You two can never see each other or be intimate with each other and relationships are about togetherness which is unachievable over the internet. Just think of this as a learning experience, also, remember that a girlfriend/boyfriend isn’t supposed to be your everything, your whole world, etc. no body can live up to that. I know it is hard to think of this breakup as a new beginning for you but it really is.

well kid your still in your teens right? you have your whole life ahead of you. its way too early to be thinking of &quot:the one&quot: right now for you. and honestly, this relationship did sound like it was destined to fail. trust me i know by experience. try getting with someone you do click with great who lives in the same city you do. it will be a better experience and in time you’ll come to forget about the pain this girl brought to you.

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Dude, try talking things out.

Remember this…

&quot:It is never to late&quot:.

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