Just this one more time…then I’ll stop asking such ridiculous questions?

It is front page (sports) news in today’s Hindustan Times: Muhammed Ali Shah, the Hon. Minister of sports, Pakistan has accused BCCI of bribing Tauffel to favour N Zealand. The accusation is not by a cricket section user but from a Federal Minister!!!!.
My q to the Minister and his cronies is, If the BCCI is so powerful they can influence an umpire of the status of Taufel, wouldn’t it have been easier to bribe the umpires of the match against Pakistan??. Could you please clarify why India didn’t do that? Pakistan would have been out and India would have advanced to SF along Aus.
Please don’t take this as ‘crying’. I’m just curious.
Sorry folks, I’m just pissed off.

firstly, i am completely sick and friggin tired of hearing about this non sense! secondly, you make a damn good point!!

if the BCCI was gonna bribe the umpires, shouldnt they have do it in the match that India was playing Pakistan! this makes next to no sense to me

hence why from this point til these allegations are proven, i shall doubt them and refuse to believe them

Its because the Asian fans always take it to the extreme. Saw how Younis was praised for his WC. Then after a month all yelled at him for the loss of test series at SL. Now they celebrated him as the best captain after Win over India and now yelling at him after the defeat.

Also they won’t accept that the opposition played better than them and say the Ind are reasons for their defeat. Many matured Pak users know it was the composed innings of Vettori and Elliot made them lose.

Even the Pak ministers some days back made comedy Ind was behind the SL Attack incident. The Pak Ministers seems to be so humorous

Why could it difficulty you? And definite… seems at the instant are not each and every thing yet you they are nevertheless important! as an occasion how many people might hire you in case you confirmed up at a job interview donning a pungent old shirt and no pants? And regrettably, fairly people actually have a greater helpful risk at getting the interest. Or getting out of tickets by utilising smiling on the constructive policeman.. 😀 If all people have been eye-catching than splendor ought to not exist. I propose.. if each and every thing interior the worldwide have been purple than purple would not exist because of the fact there may well be no would desire to tell apart it from the rest. yet I do agree that all people is eye-catching of their very very own way, only perhaps not the stereotypical splendor do not hate.

That’s because the minister says so. One day he comes along saying Younis khan dropped the catch on purpose and the match was fixed. Honestly , younis would’ve been absolutely pissed off. Rightly so he commented that the other day he had run gambhir out with the same hand, people commended him for being brave and now they’re accusing him purposely dropping the catch.
I think fans in the subcontinent need to understand that it is a game and players try to give it their all. It is a problem in india as well, when not so long ago MPs brought the issue of nonperformance of the indian team to the parliament. Shame really.

LOL that’s a ridiculous accusation.
I think people like these r responsible for the sour relations between the two countries.
Its high time Such ministers stop the blame game and the kiddish behavior, Its just worsening the relations between the two countries and not helping India or Pakistan in any way.

hahhahaha Evan bhai .. what can i say. that Mohd Ali Shah, a MBBS doctor working as sports minister. i think this is enough:D

It looks like the honorary minister doesnt have honor after all.
to quote a famous user in this section, he is just a morally corrupt scum


I think they want publicity in Pakistan . Pls follow the link.

Do you honestly think that the Minister is going to be on Yahoo! Answers to answer your question? You’re an idiot.

Grab a box of Kleenex, wipe the spoof from the corner of your mouth and move on. It isn’t the end of the world.

He is just looking for somebody to pin it on…

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